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Mr Mayo & Ms Blake-Will, Rickmansworth

"Having had a very bad experience last year with 'other' agents, we decided to go with Sewell & Gardner. We have been so pleased with our decision. Every step of the way Kirsty has kept us informed and updated. We really feel like she had our interests at heart. Can't recommend S&G highly enough!"

Mr Mayo & Ms Blake-Will

Mr & Mrs Girdler, Rickmansworth

"Nine months ago we moved to our new house and we can say that it was all down to our estate agents Sewell and Gardner. The manner they work in is very professional and so very helpful, and we would both recommend them to anybody who is selling or buying a property."

Mr & Mrs Girdler

Mrs Wheeler, Watford

"When I decided to move nearer to my family it was a huge decision for me. I'd been in my house for 39 years, had been widowed a few years previously and found the whole thought of the process terrifying. To add to my concern, unlike most of the houses around me, mine was classes as "in need of modernisation" which a lot of viewings don't want. However, when Sewell & Gardner came to see it they didn't focus on the negatives but praised the positives about my house which cheered me greatly. The process of selling a house can be fraught with difficulties unless you are lucky. Sewell & Gardner were brilliant. If I rang them and left a message, it was always passed on and they phoned back promptly. They always phoned to update me when they said they would, even if they had no new information. Added to which they included me in decision making, rather than telling me what to do and always emailed my daughter as well as phoning me. They did the viewings and gave me prompt feedback. Not one person can make things happen in the process of selling and buying a house, it's up to so many people do their bit and it's totally beyond your control. Sewell & Gardner consistently chased and phoned to keep things moving and joined in my delight when I got the exchange settled. They were, throughout, amazing."

Mrs Wheeler

Mr & Mrs Benetis, Chorleywood

"Good teamwork, excellent in communicating with each other and ourselves. Stood up when we entered the office, always held door open on exit and a very good impression."

Mr & Mrs Benetis

Mr & Mrs Williams, Sarratt

"Having the ability to discuss and take time to answer all questions in layman's language to their clients. Also when business has been discussed, they spend time to be friendly and informal, so making clients feel comfortable when selling their home."

Mr & Mrs Williams

Mr & Mrs Vincent, Rickmansworth

"Can I take this opportunity to thank you all at Sewell & Gardner for all your kindness in dealing with this sale it is much appreciated the staff have been absolutely magic Jackie has been a real diamond, and Emily has always cheered me up when she phones me, such a lovely bubbly person, and of course I mustn’t forget you for all your very hard work from day one, and Martyn for displaying our property so well. Thank you all again you will all be remembered for all your very hard effort."

Mr & Mrs Vincent

Ms Schafer, Rickmansworth

"Thank you to everyone there at S&G for everything you have all done for me, especially Emily and Jackie. They have both been very patient and understanding with all my numerous emails and phone calls with questions over the last 5 months. Thank you Jackie for all your patience and kindness you have shown towards me. You have all been very kind there, especially Kirsty and Emily as well. I know I've been a pain sometimes with all my questions and wanting updates constantly, I don't envy your jobs at all!"

Ms Schafer

Ms Daudjee, Chorleywood

"Their friendly and helpful approach to dealing with their clients has been the most memorable aspect, where the clients come first."

Ms Daudjee

Mr & Mrs Allen, Chorleywood

"The team was always helpful and friendly, and kept us regularly informed with progress. Chris was especially proactive and regularly communicated with all parties to resolve all issues quickly. He worked very hard chasing third parties in order to successfully achieve the targeted completion date. He was always willing to talk any problems through with us and was very re-assuring when the inevitable issues arose. Many thanks Chris, and for the flowers!"

Mr & Mrs Allen

Mrs Wallace, Rickmansworth

"Just to say thank you very much for the flowers you sent it was a really nice gesture. I was only saying to Mum today what an outstanding agent you are. Your job is not the easiest but communication is key and you manage to communicate very effectively with your clients. Thanks again!"

Mrs Wallace

Mrs Anders, Chorleywood

"The most memorable aspect that I liked best about Sewell & Gardner was the friendliness of all staff and a sense of personal support service - you cared about my particular needs."

Mrs Anders

Mrs Dickinson, Chorleywood

"The most memorable aspect that I liked most about Sewell & Gardner was their contact, empathy and they seemed genuinely interested in me and my needs. Chris Wood was the staff member who really stood out to me most as I have numerous dealings with him throughout the purchase."

Mrs Dickinson

Miss Chandler, Bushey

"I would like to express my thanks to you for the swift and successful sale of my property in Bushey Grove Road. In particular, Joe, your advice was very much appreciated for the valuation and the marketing of the property. At all times I felt re-assured and treated as a sensible person, even when I clearly didn't understand the complexities of such a big financial undertaking! Also appreciated were Ben's regular updates to me explaining the process towards completion. Either Ben or Emma were always on hand in the office when I dropped in, and were there on the phone or email to answer my questions. Ben has been most helpful and professional in his work towards the successful completion of this sale. His conscientious, careful manner in his weekly and then daily updates to me plus his regular communications with my solicitors were much valued. What a thoughtful gesture to receive the lovely bouquet of flowers from Sewell & Gardner to celebrate the successful sale! Thank you for that, indeed. Best wishes, Joe, to you and your growing family as well as for the success of the Watford office of Sewell & Gardner. And best wishes, Ben, in your continuing career."

Miss Chandler

Mrs Mackenzie, Watford

"Sewell & Gardner have professional service from start to finish. Regular updates through the process and your behind the scenes work keeping all parties moving forwards. A special mention to Ben and Emma - both efficient and helpful. Good adverts for Sewell & Gardner."

Mrs Mackenzie

Mrs Patel, Watford

"Sewell & Gardner Watford were always happy to help and very efficient through the process. A special mention to Ben who has been helpful and has a lovely personality. "

Mrs Patel

Mr Kelly, Bushey

"I have recently completed the sale of the above property with yourselves. In doing so, I dealt with Ben within your company. I'd like to take this opportunity to express how helpful and comprehensive a service I received. From meeting Ben on the open day of the property, to collecting the keys from Emma in the office on completion day. I was kept updated constantly by Ben who handled my sale so I always felt I knew where I was with the sale. This was indeed my first purchase so I could easily have been lost in the process but thanks to Ben that did not happen. I viewed 50+ other properties before I viewed and purchased Bushey Grove Road and dealt with dozens of estate agents along the way. Sewell & Gardner and Ben in particular, were the best by far."

Mr Kelly

Mr & Mrs Bolt, Chorleywood

"Great communication throughout, always helpful & friendly. They made what can be a stressful time actually quite enjoyable! Lovely to get the new home pack & flowers too... Oh, and my birthday card! They were a pleasure to work with and Chris really stood out for us throughout the whole process!"

Mr & Mrs Bolt

Mr Brockwitz, Bushey

"Ben, Joe and Emma in the Watford office were all excellent! Very satisfied with the overall level of service."

Mr Brockwitz

Mr & Mrs Wilson, Watford

"Great communication. They did their upmost to ensure the completion of the sale for both vendor and buyer. Joe and Ben stood out for us."

Mr & Mrs Wilson

Mr & Mrs Cheung, Watford

"I just wanted to send a note to commend the Watford team and reflect a little on our experience with them. From the very beginning when I first raised a query on I had a telephone call almost immediately from Ben to determine our interest and plans. At that stage, I had only just seen two new build houses online and had not even realistically considered selling our flat (nor my parents) or even discussed it with my husband, however, Ben encouraged me to get in contact again once I had thought more about it to get a free valuation and really, from there things progressed beyond my expectations. (At the time, I didn't know that Ben was quite new to Sewell & Gardner and starting very early in his career, however knowing that now, I have to commend Ben's quick thinking in contributing to these sales. Continuing my story, Sewell & Gardner came over to value our two flats almost immediately, and at their suggestion, said they could try to arrange for us to see the houses unofficially so we could even decide if we wanted to go ahead and put our flats on the market as a first step ... had it not been for this opportunity to view the house beforehand, I don't think we would ever have realistically be able to buy our house let alone sell our two flats. Although the process has taken 4/5 months, I was thoroughly impressed with the team - from getting our offer accepted (even before the house had been officially marketed), to getting to work immediately finding buyers for our flats to finally getting us over the line for completion, each team member put in 110% and the professionalism was clear to see. The last part was quite touch and go with the chain at the bottom of one of the flat sales delaying matters and generally making everyone quite nervous. And this is where I have to really have to give a special shout out to Joe, he really stepped up chasing the chain at the bottom and chasing the solicitors whilst all the time keeping us informed and the other buyer and the developers happy and waiting. Without Joe's intervention I really don't believe these sales would have happened, someone would have withdrawn and the whole chain would have fallen apart. And it doesn't stop there, even once contracts exchanged, Joe still went out of his way to check with the developers if it would be ok for us to move some things in prior to completion and this really helped us tremendously. Overall, our experience with Sewell & Gardner has been brilliant, having dealt with other agents in the past, I can see why you have won awards. All team members are professional, ethical, quick thinking and go well beyond the call of duty to get things happening and the customer happy... I'm almost a little sad that I won't be having my daily dealings with the Watford team, they were an absolute pleasure to work with and I always felt like they were on our side. Big thumbs up to the Watford Team! I wish Sewell & Gardner, and particularly Joe, Ben and Emma all the very best, keep doing the amazing job that you do!"

Mr & Mrs Cheung