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My Work Experience at Sewell & Gardner

This week I started my work experience at my family’s business, Sewell & Gardner. Throughout the week I have visited various departments and shadowed different members of the team, gaining valuable insights into the business.

Understanding the sales side of the business.

I began by visiting the 4 branches in the area (Rickmansworth, Watford, Croxley Green and Chorleywood) and getting to know my way around. Soon after I had a presentation from my Dad, the Managing Director, where I got an introduction to the business. I quickly learned the company’s brand values as well as the importance and emphasis on customer care. In the afternoon I travelled to the Watford branch, where I listened in to some sales calls with Kevin before going to a viewing with Emily. I enjoyed it as I learnt how to talk to customers as well as the different selling points for Estate Agents.

On Tuesday I spent the morning in Rickmansworth with Claudia where I learnt how to do mail outs and ID checks which are very vital when selling houses for people. I developed an understanding of the internal processes and how much work goes on behind the scenes. In the afternoon I travelled to Croxley Green with Hannah to learn about the marketing side of the business and was surprised to learn how many different techniques are used.

Visiting Farrier’s Wood

Wednesday was based in Chorleywood, however, I was out on viewings with Jo all morning, getting to experience the range of houses for sale through Sewell & Gardner. I learnt a lot on how to show a client round a  house which is very important for any estate agent. I also travelled to a brand new development which Sewell & Gardner are currently selling, Farrier’s Wood, with Emily in the afternoon. I was shown round stage 1 and 2 of the development and learnt how these new homes are sold.

Learning new skills in Chorleywood

I went back to Croxley Green on Thursday where Tyler took me to some more viewings. He also showed me how to talk to clients on the phone and I learnt a lot from him. In the afternoon Tiffany explained the lettings side of the business to me and I was surprised to find out how busy and complicated it all was. Afterwards I got to see some of the new buildings up for let and learnt about rental prices.

Finally, on the last day David and I created some valuation packs which included Hometrack reports and examples of comparable houses that have recently sold in the area. These are very important to create before conducting a valuation as it provides so much vital information as well as other sold/selling houses in the area. Just before lunch Luke took me to some more viewings which were enjoyable too.

The brand values I was taught at the start of the week were prominent throughout my time here and everyone I worked with demonstrated them really well. Overall, I have really enjoyed my week at Sewell & Gardner, especially the viewings, and hope to spend some more time here soon.