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What Landlords and Tenants really think




Findings from the 5,500 responses returned to The Property Academy between 10th April and 11th May 2012, with 14.6% of the responses from London and 34% from South East (our location):


1.       How long have you been a landlord?

5 – 10 years 23%

3 – 5 years 22%

0 – 1 year 21%


2.       How old are you

60 – 69 22%

50 – 59 27%

40 – 49 24%


3.       How many rental properties do you have?

1 property 62%

2-5 properties 31%

6+ 7%


Out of the responses:

Tenant Find Only 14%

Rent Collection 15%

Full Management 52%


4.       What fee do you pay?


Tenant Find Service

Fee of 8% = 17%

Fee of 10% = 27%


Rent Collection Service

Fee of 10% = 29%

Fee of 12% = 12%


Fully Managed

Fee of 10% = 27%

Fee of 12% = 23%

Fee of 15% = 10%


5.       18% chose the agent who offered the cheapest fee, out of this 23% were in London

6.       82% did NOT chose the agent who offered the cheapest fee

7.       45% tried to negotiate on the fees, of which 63% were professional landlords

8.       88% did NOT chose the agent who offered the highest valuation

9.       Location:

46% have their rental property/ies within 15 miles of their own home

11% live 15-40 miles away

43% live over 40 miles away


10.   51% chose their agent because of their location


31% visited the agent’s office

29% visited the agent’s website

15% visited the agent’s office and the agent’s website

25% DID not visit either the agent’s office or their website


11.   41% only got one agent to value their house

35% got in 2 agents

20% got in 3 agents

3% got in 4 agents

1% got in more than 4 agents!


12.   65% were 1st time landlords

23% had rented a property previously


11% used the same agent as previously used


13.   87% of landlords wanted their property to be advertised on Rightmove

47% on Findaproperty

30% on Prime Location

27% on Zoopla


14.   The landlords were asked:

If you were happy with your current tenants and they wanted to renew the tenancy but AT THE SAME RENT


A lettings agent offered to get you move in the current market, would you give notice to your tenant and get in a new tenant?


63% said they would stick with the tenant because they were happy with them


Of the landlords who said they could be persuaded to change tenants…

4% said they would want a rent increase of 5%

13% said they would want a rent increase of 10%

9% said they would want a rent increase of 15%

12% said they would want a rent increase of 20%


15.   The current primary concerns of the landlords are:

a.       Void periods 36%

b.      Damage to property 28%

c.       Rent arrears 17%

d.      Dilapidation 9%


16.   How likely would the landlords be to increase their portfolio this year?


9% highly likely                                18% possibly      34% unlikely      36% would not


And if we remove ‘accidental’ landlords from the equation (those landlords who only ever rented their property because it wouldn’t sell):


14% highly likely              26% possibly      37% unlikely      20% would not



17.   Tenants were asked if they felt ‘trapped’ into being tenants and would prefer to buy a property:


31% have no plans to buy            22% wish to buy in 3 years           27% wish to buy in 2-3 years

20% wish to buy in the coming year



18.   Asked if they would recommend their current agent:

Tenants 2012 said yes 60%           Landlords 2012 said yes 77%



In addition from a recent Rightmove study:

The UK now has 66% home ownership

France has 57%

and Germany has 47%


In 1980 12% of the population were in the Private Rented Sector

In 2005 still 12%

In 2011 increased up to 17%

Predicted to hit 20% by 2016 – that’s one in five people will be renting!


Rental prices are up by 7.2% over the last year in London and 5.2% average for the UK


61% of tenants expect rents to rise in the next year


85% of landlords use their lettings agent because

  • Good service & staff expertise
  • No void periods
  • Good tenants who stay for a long time
  • Competitive fees & value for money
  • Strong presence on Rightmove


1 in 3 landlords do NOT know other landlords