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We are celebrating National Fitness Day!

National Fitness Day, 23rd September, highlights how key physical activity allows us to lead healthier and active lifestyles. Exercising not only lowers the risk of some diseases, helps people loose weight but can be fun too with a social element to it like going for a walk & catch up with your friend. We have a mix of ages across our company but most of us enjoy doing activities to help keep us fit & healthy, whether this is going out for a walk, run or attending the gym. Our team are local to the area, so having a choice of nice parks, modern gyms, and scenic areas to enjoy long walks, encourages us to make the most of where we live and appreciate the nature on our doorstep.

To get involved we asked some of our team what they do to keep fit, so have a read through to see our favourite local spots for exercising!

Kevin : “I take my dog for walks through Cassiobury Park and Whippendell Woods and also play golf at Chorleywood“.

Claudia: “I enjoy going to Anytime Fitness gym in Croxley business park as it’s a 5 minute drive from my home which is very convenient. At the weekends I regularly walk and go on bike rides along the canal. A favourite walking route at the moment starts at the River Chess and finishes in Chorleywood which takes an hour but very picturesque and I can appreciate the nature we have on our doorstep!

Jackie: “There are loads of great places to keep fit in Rickmansworth. The Aquadrome has a brilliant park, which keeps my son and I fit. Another of our favourite parks locally is Barton Way park in Croxley Green.”

Tiffany: “To keep fit I like going to Cassiobury Park as its near by to where I live so its a nice walk along the canal and all through the park.”

Jo: “I really like running and cycling. I particularly like running round my local area Cassiobury, I have found some fantastic running areas which I didn’t know about before!”

Kelly: “I really enjoy keeping fit and I try to do something  every other day. During lockdown I started to do Disney workouts, for example, every time a lion roared I would do 30 burpees, which was fun but really intense!”

Amie: “To keep fit I like to do runs around my local area in Watford and I also go to Pump Gyms on Tolpits Lane in Watford, where I do the odd spin class. I also like to do my own home hitt workouts.”

Luke: “To keep fit I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and I prepare my meals every single day.”

Sophie B: “To keep fit I like going to Pump Gyms which I like to do after work because It lets off some energy after being sat down all day. At the weekends I enjoy doing runs round my local area, especially when the weather is nice”.

Alex: “I do weights, swimming and spinning at The Grove in Watford, which is fantastic and I really enjoy being a member there. Also, I love to go walking with my wife and our two dogs. We have a cockapoo called Buster and we recently got a golden retriever puppy called Betsy, so Buster and Betsy come for walks with us round Cassiobury Park.”