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Video Marketing- Why Bother?

This week I was really excited to be launching a beautiful house onto the market in Copthorne Road, Croxley Green.  The reason for the excitement was two fold.

Firstly, it is my current lottery house, I’m sure you’ve all had this conversation; if you win £5m on the lottery, what house, car, holiday, etc would you buy?  Being an estate agent, I always have a lottery house in my mind (and I prefer it when it’s on our books to sell!).  Hopefully you can see why by ‘Googling’ Copthorne Road Sewell & Gardner video.  It’s an amazing house, I’ll be playing the Euromillions until it is sold.


Click this image for further details of this stunning property

However, the excitement didn’t end there for me, as we have produced my favourite bit of property marketing since we opened.  A 5 minute property video showing the house inside and out, including the use of a drone to show you all of the acre plus garden, it really does show the house in its best light.  For a house on the market for a guide price of £2m which will generate interest from buyers not necessarily living in the UK, it will allow anyone interested to be able to see the house in detail from afar.  I find it so amazing how much property marketing has moved on over the last 15 years and just how little of it many Estate Agents have adopted into their day to day marketing with some still not even including floorplans and decent photography.


Click this image to watch our Copthorne Road video

Why does it matter?  I know it’s a cliché, but first impressions last.  Whether you are viewing a house in person or viewing it for the first time online, the potential buyers will make a decision within about 15 seconds if they like or not.  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about trying before you buy in terms of service, equally important is to assess the quality of agents marketing that you are considering to sell your house, it could make all the difference.

Please don’t hesitate to try our service by calling into any of our offices or just ‘google’ Sewell & Gardner to find out more about the company and our marketing.

Thanks, Alex.

PS- when did Google become a verb?

Alex Sewell

Alex Sewell
Managing Director