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Top tips on how to have a happy home interior

With the current restrictions and working from home now the norm, we have been spending more time than ever in our homes. With this in mind, it has got me thinking of ways to improve the interior of my home & boost as much positivity as possible! After all, the space in which we work can affect our productivity in many ways and we also need space to relax and unwind. Let’s break the key points down.

Natural light/ letting in sunlight

Natural light is key. Letting in sunlight simply boosts your mood. A dark home is going to make anyone feel gloomy and negative. To maximise the light coming through windows & doors, hang mirrors adjacent to windows to help the light bounce around the room. Strategically placed mirrors can help make a room feel more spacious. When it’s not a sunny day or come the evening, make sure you have plenty of eye- level lighting like side lamps around the rooms to enhance a cosy feel.

Invest in ample storage units to hide the clutter!

We know a tidy workspace increases productivity so make sure your kitchen & other rooms are well organised. It’s almost impossible to feel 100% relaxed and happy when most of your rooms have piles of clutter. You can never have too many storage cupboards as we seem to collect more stuff on a monthly basis, so think of investing in storage units as a preparation process for the future! This way, you don’t need to get rid of your belongings, just put them in a hidden place like clever shelving, hidden cupboards, pull out drawers. Well-designed kitchens ensure everything has a place and prevents this habit of cluttering, resulting in minimal stress.

Mix old with new pieces

To keep the cost down, maybe buy one or two new furniture or just decorative items every so often, to create a mix of aesthetically pleasing furniture & décor pieces. By adding a few new elements every so often, it can make the space feel refreshed and new.

Incorporate sentimental pieces with décor

On the topic of items & the décor of a room, it is important to ensure you incorporate sentimental pics like photos of loved ones or friends into the mix. It doesn’t just need to be photos; it can be a drawing or something your children made from school or a ceramic item from someone close to you. It’s these items that make a home feel more special and forms the heart of a home!

Bring the outdoors in

Try bringing the outdoors in by keeping blinds and curtains open to allow more natural light through and adding houseplants and flowers to your home. House plants help to clean the air, improve concentration, and reduce anxiety, so are a great addition to your home when improving your mood. I have covered my room in baby succulents in jazzy pots and I have noticed a positive boost in the air!

Choose the right colours

Moving onto colours that will transform your mood as well as room. Certain colours can influence how we feel according to colour psychology. The top recommendations for colours if you want a burst of happiness are yellow & pink. This doesn’t mean you have to paint all of the walls but even if it’s one wall, a cushion, bedding, or even just some colourful flowers. Yellow makes us feel happy & cheerful so great for home offices or kitchens, whilst pink items can feel more nurturing and boost feelings of optimism. Now is a great time to re decorate so make the most of it and get painting. Try your home office or bedroom and see for yourself.

Add a statement piece!

Try adding one or two statement pieces to a room and see how the space transforms. Whether its your favourite painting, art piece, photo or quote, or a quirky piece of furniture it will be the focal point of the room if its on the bigger scale and add personality to a room. When you can have friends and family over again, it will be the conversation starter that’s for sure! Make sure you love the statement piece so you don’t get bored of it- choose something that means something to you, then you will forever love it.

Scents & candles

We all love to make our home feel cosy and a relaxing place so add some candles & diffusers or wax melts to a room. Lavender and jasmine scents are good for unwinding, whilst citrus smells give you a positive boost! I don’t know about you, but I love a wax melt whilst I relax in a bubble bath or read to make me switch off for the day and get ready for a good night’s sleep!

Make your bedroom a cosy heaven

Invest in good quality sheets, bedding, pillows and most importantly a mattress to give you a good night sleep! There is nothing worse than waking up from a bad sleep which will make you unhappy and less productive. Waking up from a good night’s sleep sets your mood for the day and will allow you to tackle anything the day throws at you.

We hope this helps you to make your home your happy place, especially if you have recently moved. Let us know if you try any of the top tips I have discussed and remember to stay safe & positive.

Claudia Button Marketing Executive