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Top tips for selling your home

Our Director Emily is currently preparing to move home and shares some of her top tips for selling with you. We understand moving home can be a daunting process and some what overwhelming, but to break it down step-by-step and follow Emily’s top tips will help tremendously and prevent that extra stress!

Create some kerb appeal

Most buyers will make their decision within the first few seconds of viewing your home. Take some time to tidy up the outside of your house too, trim bushes, plant flowers, wipe down or re-paint your front door and sweep the path/driveway so everything is looking clean and tidy.

De clutter

The first thing I did before brining my home to market was declutter! Tidy what you can away without leaving your home looking empty. Leaving things on sideboards or piled up in corners can make homes seem smaller and disorganised. Doing this now will also mean less stress when packing up for moving day!

Fix it!

Go round the house with a paint brush, touch up and attend to all those annoying little jobs you have been meaning to do! Buyers will be looking out for how much work they would need to do if buying your home, it is amazing how much attention these small little items will attract. Fix the door handles, adjust the cupboard door that does not quite shut and replace the light bulbs!

Make ‘your house a home’

Consider the atmosphere you want to create for potential purchasers. If you are selling in the cold dark winter, leave the heating and lights on – no one can see themselves living in a cold, dark home! If you have pets and are concerned about smells bring in some fresh smelling diffusers.

Don’t forget about outside space

Show your potential buyers how you live in your garden. In the winter tidy up, sweep the leaves, and keep the grass cut back. In the spring/summer keep the furniture out and show how you use different areas of your garden when the sun is shining. Ensure you agent has access to any outbuildings or garages. Buyers want to see every bit of space!

Get your asking price right

If you bring your property to market at the right price when it’s first listed the less time you will have to wait to move. If you price too high, potential purchasers will discount viewing and the longer your property is on the market the less appealing it will be. Price right and get people through the door as soon as possible.

Choose the right agent

Selling a house can be stressful, its important you have an agent you can trust and get on with. Ask your friends if they have had any dealings with the local agents and can recommend anyone they bought or sold through. It’s important to remember all agents can list on the property portals and create a set of details but can they all deliver on the service you expect…..

Choose & instruct your solicitor before you agree a sale

When you are ready to market your home, choose and instruct a solicitor. There are a number of forms you will need to complete before your solicitor is able to send a contract out to your new buyers doing this at the very beginning will save time and stress further down the line. We can recommend you a trustworthy local solicitor if needed.

If you want to find out more information on how we can help with moving home, then please contact us on 01923 776400 and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.