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Top ten tips for sales viewings

Viewing properties can be a time consuming & sometimes stressful occasion, when really it should be the fun part of your house buying experience! Here Jackie Scott, sales negotiator, talks us through ten top tips to ensure you’re process is as efficient as possible…

1.Speak to a Financial Advisor before you start viewing properties

We recommend Heron Financial http://www.heronfinancial.com/

It is important to understand how much exactly you have to spend on a property.  It is advisable to view properties slighty under and over your budget however you should keep in your mind exactly how much you have to spend. It is also important to understand the costs involved with moving, ie stamp duty, financial advisor fees, removal company and solicitor fees as this will all have to come out of your budget.

2.If you are new to the area visit before arranging viewings

Often people fall in love with a property however after researching the area/ doing a test run to work/ looking into local schools they decide it is not right for them. This then leaves the purchaser and vendor disappointed which could have been avoided.

3.Do not book too many viewings in one day

However long you take looking around each property and taking in every last detail by the time you get home and have a chance to have a good think about the m you will have forgotten which one is which.

4.If possible arrange viewings for a weekday rather than weekend

Most people do view properties at the weekend, which means that negotiators are very busy. The appointments booked for you at a weekend may not be quite long enough for you to have a thorough look as viewings do get stacked. It will also be more difficult at the weekend to get hold of the negotiator if you have any questions or to make an offer as they will most likely be in and out of viewings.

5.When second viewing a property view at a different day and time

If you decided to second view a property it is a good idea to view at a different day and time to your first viewing. This will give you more of an idea on the traffic passing the property and how light the property is at different times etc.

6. Ask questions

It’s important to have a thorough understanding of a property so that you can make an informed decision. The negotiator may be unable to answer all questions straight away but they will pass on the questions to the vendors and get back to you.

7.View as many properties as possible

The more properties you see you get an idea of value for money and when you do see the property that is right for you, you will have others to compare it with and again can make an informed decision.

8. View properties above and below your price range

You may have a set figure of which you would like to spend on a property but it is worth expanding that and looking slightly below and above. You should not rule out a property because it is under your price range as it is very rare that work can not be done to a property, if it be just modernising, or a double storey extension.

9. Do not wait to see property particulars before arranging a viewing

A good agent will call out a property as soon as it comes onto the market – sometimes before pictures have been taken and floorplans have been done. If the property fits a good applicant’s criteria they will view straight away and may get to your dream property before you.

10. Finally, enusre you have the contact details of the Negotiator you are meeting with

In case of any last minute problems with the viewing or if you suddenly find yourself needing directions!


To book a viewing with Jackie please call 01923 776400