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The Dream S&G Olympic Squad!

With the Olympics well under way and the excitement of Team GB’s first medallists hitting the press today, it’s got us thinking about our team and what Olympic event each of us would do based on our work skillsets. We’ve got a real variety!

Our Managing Director Emily would run the 4×100 Relay Race! Emily loves working in a faced paced environment, is a good delegator (passing the baton) and most of all enjoys being part of a team. It gives her a buzz achieving but she also loves seeing her team mates do well.

Tyler, our Sales Manager would take on the Hurdles. Tyler spends a lot of his time focusing on sales progression which can often feel like just as you hit your stride there is another hurdle to overcome before reaching the finish line of exchange and completion. We also think he’d make a good golfer because he’s always teeing the team up with new properties to sell, but he’s far too modest to say that himself! ⛳

Sophie A, our New Homes Consultant would take on the Bobsleigh. Sophie likes to dive head first into everything but also likes to plan and think what is around the corner. Sophie enjoys an element of fun and danger and thrives in a team, achieving something alongside her colleagues.

Our Property Manager, Louise, would be a talented Tennis player. She is always going back & forth between tenants & landlords and is great at juggling balls! Louise serves some excellent customer service and is brilliant at working in team or staying motivated working individually so in both singles or doubles she’d be a force to be reckoned with. 🎾

Sophie B, our Office Administrator, would be a Marathon Runner. Sophie has a very busy role working on all our sales administration which is essential to keep the sales team running. Sophie has lots of energy and always goes the extra mile for our clients and her colleagues.

Marketing Executive Claudia would be an Gymnast. Much like gymnastics, marketing involves a range of different disciplines and creativity is essential to stand out against your competition! Gymnasts combine strength and flexibility whilst always staying classy which suits Claudia perfectly. 🤸‍♀️

Sue, our Finance Manager, would be our star Shooter. Calm under pressure, precise and detailed, Sue is always focused on the target.

Senior New Homes Consultant Amie would be a Rower. In New Homes they all have their own important role to play to ensure the department runs smoothly, and stays afloat 😉 Amie values co-ordination with her team & communication with her clients and she is always going for gold.

Ollie, our Senior Property Consultant, would be a High Jumper because he sets the bar so high with his customer service levels! We regularly receive testimonials from our clients mentioning how Ollie went above and beyond to help them. Ollie lives and breathes our brand value ‘people first profit follows’ which is key at S&G.

Area Branch Manager Kevin would be an accomplished Archer. An expert in market appraisals, Kevin is pinpoint accurate with his pricing.  Managing our busiest sales team, he is also great at hitting targets! 🎯

Charlotte who does Sales Support, would be a Modern Pentathlete. This requires concentration and the ability to stay focused whilst working on different tasks, involving different skills. Modern Pentathlon consists of 5 very different sports which reflects the variety within Charlottes role.

Property Consultant Luke would take on the iconic 100m sprint. Quick at selling our clients properties when they come on the market and calm under pressure, Luke is competitive and driven. Him and his colleagues in the sales team would make a pretty good relay team as well, they’d certainly be looking to break records. 🏃‍♂️

New Homes Manager Kelly would be an Artistic Swimmer (previously called Synchronised Swimming). Kelly is meticulous, organised & a real perfectionist. Artistic swimmers work hard to perfect their movements & positions in the water and don’t stop practicing until they get it right which reflects Kelly’s work ethic.

Lastly, our Founder & Director Alex would be a Decathlete simply because he has so many different jobs to do, some of which he is brilliant at and some of with he just about copes with (his words not mine!!). An all rounder and never one to turn down a challenge, Alex would take 10 events in his stride!

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So, which Olympic sport best suits you? Have you got the strength of a Weightlifter, the composure to take on the Dressage or maybe the bravery of a Ski Jumper? Or are there any sports you’d just love to have a go at? Get inspired and get behind Team GB! Have a look at the upcoming schedule! There may be no spectators in Tokyo but there are plenty back at home and our S&G team are backing them all the way! 🏆