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The only way is up

As a child of the 80’s I have an impressive knowledge of the music from that era, but this is not a reference to that classic number 1 hit by ‘Yazz & the Plastic Population’…

It is, in fact the insight I gained from a fascinating presentation from Darren Shirlaw at the recent Lettings Live conference.  Many of my colleagues have been sniggering about my apparent ‘man crush’ on Darren ever since, but I was fascinated and excited in equal measure by his thoughts on the economy and the empirical evidence he had to support his thoughts.


I am of the belief that although the recession was inevitable, at times (as a nation) we are our own worst enemies to talking the situation down further.  So, for once, why don’t we start talking it up?

According to Darren, the only way is up for the economy but the usual political indicators are 6 months behind the actual market.   I am an optimist, so although I have to be realistic with the business, I find it easier to get motivated by the thought that we are amongst an elite group of business owners who have successfully weathered a double dip recession and the knowledge we have gained during that period will benefit us in the years going forward.


If you have a spare 45 minutes (and just think I’m sure everyone managed to watch at least one half of football that was instantly forgettable over the last 4 weeks) then please sit down with your laptop and watch the man at work.

Worst case scenario you will have learnt something about the historical movement of the economy and if like me, you think this guy knows his stuff, you may well find a bit of inspiration amongst all the doom, gloom and RAIN.


Cheers, Alex.

Alex Sewell