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The Life of an Inventory Clerk!

So I’ve been in this role for just over 6 weeks now and after a frantic yet enjoyable start, it’s starting to become much more manageable as I get used to the fast-paced nature of the job. It’s certainly different to what I’m used to but definitely a lot more interesting and varied which I love. The team are great to work with and have helped me out LOADS since I started, especially with answering my millions of questions because this is all so new to me!

I’ve learnt a great deal in such a short space of time, not just about my role but about the industry as a whole. Knowing what everyone else in the office does and how it relates to me is so important and the induction and training process has been fantastic for highlighting this.

So to start with, here is a quick list of the high’s and low’s of my job so far:


Meeting lovely new tenants who can’t wait to move into their new home! It’s a great feeling handing over the keys and seeing them so happy and excited, knowing we are only a phone-call (or sometimes only a few streets) away should they need anything.

Learning something new everyday, from computer software to legal requirements or finding a new route to get to a property. New information is key to self development and keeps things interesting.

Meeting someone new everyday – contractors, tenants or landlords, the list of names to remember just keeps on growing! It’s great when people start remembering you (hopefully for all the right reasons).

Being nosey – getting to see lots of different properties has given me lots of ideas for when I move into a place of my own. I can also now recognise the difference between a domestic and professional clean – everyone loves a sparkly shiny oven!


The cold – going into a property to do an Inventory when the heating has been off for a while = numb fingers and toes. My top tip is to bring some fluffy socks and a warm cardi to avoid the chill! Just remember to take them off before stepping out in public again…

Spiders! They have a habit of appearing just where you don’t want them to – such as above the front door therefore blocking  me and my phobia from entering – until I have to ‘man up’ and run past as fast as I can! Anyone want to be my PA for pest control?

Bad smells – this is thankfully quite rare but I do come across the occasional whiffy fridge/freezer due to it being switched off and closed rather than being left open – another top tip if you’re vacating a property.

Jealousy – seeing lovely properties that I really just want to live in myself. It’s a compliment to the landlord and the tenant for their good taste though so not really a bad point as such.


Jessica Morris

Inventory Clerk