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Tips & tricks to create more space in your home

The search for space is on this summer with many people looking for more space inside & out. This has got us thinking of our top tips & tricks to maximise the space in our homes. You can bring brightness into your home by manipulating furniture, lighting & mirrors to create the illusion of more space. It’s always a good idea to have a refresh once in a while, even if that means just changing the layout & positioning of certain objects!

Here are some of our top tips you can put in place to create more space in your home:

🏠Tidy home = tidy mind

Keeping the rooms throughout your home tidy helps to maximise space. Avoiding cluttered surfaces will make a room feel airy so our first tip starts with having a good tidy and finding a place to store those items. Once you find a home for them, each room will automatically appear bigger.

🏠Experiment with mirror shapes & sizes to open a space!

Mirrors are great for enhancing the space because light bounces off them, making a room seem bigger and brighter. Try adding a range of different shapes & sizes throughout your room to see what works with your chosen style. Circle mirrors seem to be in at the moment, so why not add a cluster and see how bright your room becomes!Creating more space

🏠Shelving is great for storage 

We underestimate how much we collect, so using shelving units keeps things off the floor and save space. They can also tie in with the interior theme you have chosen in your home. Open or hidden shelving are both accessible and functional because they can add to the design of a room, for example; an open shelf in your kitchen would look like part of the design and once you decorate it with recipe books & hanging plants, it will be a wall of art (quite literally)!

🏠 Ottomans save space

Ottomans are popular because they’re great for storage but also a practical piece of furniture. When having friends or family over and you are frantically running around the house a few minutes before trying to clear everything, Ottomans are your new best friend! They are great for storing your books, blankets & much more but also for sitting on and relaxing. Find one in a colour that matches your room or one that contrasts nicely to bring some colour to a room and make a statement.

Ottoman beds are also very popular as they provide extra storage in the bedroom, without taking up any extra space. A bed that simply lifts up with ample space underneath to store your overflowing wardrobe or any items that need a home. The storage is a secret to many, so its another great way to neatly store those things you don’t need on a day-to-day basis.

🏠 Lights, lights, lights!

Lighting is another key element when opening up a space or room. Experiment with jazzy side lamps, stylish fixtures & downlights! The more light, the more spacious a room can feel! Try adding low & high lighting systems to bring light in from all angles and levels.

🏠 Don’t let shoes block your hallway

Shoe racks can look really stylish and they don’t need to be big or have the shoes on display if you don’t like that. Leaving shoes in the hallway can clutter the space quickly and become another obstacle you may trip over so do your research and shop around when finding a shoe rack that suits your hallway size & style.

🏠 Bathroom mirror cabinets

Its easy to find your bathroom messy and cluttered with lots of toiletries, so insert a storage cabinet with a mirror face flush to the wall and fill it with all those items you use daily. Not only will that save a lot of space but it will now open up the room with the addition of the mirror- two in one!

I hope you’ve found our tips helpful and maybe will even try some out yourself. To find out more ways to open up the space in your home click here. If you are considering a move in order to get more space inside or out, please give us a call on 01923 776400 or browse our properties here.

Claudia Button Marketing Executive