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Sales Negotiator Charlotte White’s Selling Tips

So the Christmas season is over, the tree is down, decorations put away, the January sales are in full swing, and New Years resolutions have been made.  So what’s yours?

Many people want to lose weight, stop smoking, and give up the alcohol after the heavy month of celebrations.  However, most people want a change such as a move, whether it is do with work, schools, downsizing, up sizing their home so, might I add what a fantastic time to launch your property on the market!!

Not many people know this but in the estate agency business January, February and March are our busiest months of the year, with people wanting or needing a change.  With families scouring the internet on property marketing sites such as Rightmove or Zoopla during the December period,  the visitor rates are  sky high making our days very busy and our vendors extremely happy in the early stages of 2013.

I am one of the sales negotiators and I have been an estate agent for 2 years.  I am writing this blog with tips on selling your home whether you are on the market or just about to put your home on, so if you’re reading this now and you are not yet on the market, you might want to hire the ‘Gold Award Winning’ Best UK Estate Agent 2012, and that is Sewell & Gardner.

Best UK Small Agency 2012

Best UK Small Agency 2012


Now follow these Tips and let’s sell your house;

1. Outside Presentation – First impressions are EVERYTHING!  You wouldn’t sell yourself in an interview with messy hair and a dirty creased shirt would you? No!  Think the same for your home:  The outside of your property is vital, please de-weed the path leading to your front  door, keep the bins hidden or neatly to the side, windows should be clean and if possible flower baskets are a bonus to give the outside a colourful & homely feel.

2. Layout – Make sure every room shows its original purpose.  For example, you might be currently using your dining room as a play room, but clear the toys away and put a dining table in the room to show how many people can be seated.  Viewers find it hard to visualise space, so help them out as much as possible.  If you have a third bedroom which is more of a storage room, please clear it out (you’ll be packing away the mess in order to move, just do it a little sooner) and show the use of space; either turn it into an office or put a single bed in there.

3. Scent – Musky smelling rooms are off-putting and make viewers want to get out before they have even noticed your newly refurbished kitchen.  Try opening the windows, lighting some scented candles or even baking bread or cookies!  I once was selling a house in Chorleywood where the vendors baked a cake before every viewing so the smell was incredible!  This also shows the enjoyable side to the kitchen and hides the smell of wet dog!

4. Light – Having a bright home shows the house off well, especially through these gloomy days.  So turn on the lamps for a cosy feel, open up the curtains in the day and allow any natural sunlight to pour in, but make sure that the windows are clean or the sunlight could highlight dust and smears!

5. Windows – Viewers are always drawn towards the window, so dress it well, make sure that the curtain are clean and properly hung, put a vase of flowers on the window sill, remove any clutter.

6. Heating – A warm house is inviting, so keep the heating on low for viewings.  Make the viewers feel comfortable and encourage them to linger in the warm rather than whizz around and jump back in the car because the house is so cold!  If the house is empty, put the heating on a timer throughout the day so that it is warm when people visit.  If you do have a lovely fireplace, why not put the fire on too, it looks great!

7. Inside Presentation – Make sure your house or flat is clutter free, get rid of the junk and have clear surfaces on show.  Showing the size of the rooms also shows the storage of the property as everything is put away in cupboards.

8. What to do with yourselves – As I have been on many viewings I have learned that viewers prefer to view when the owner is out of the house.  This helps them feel more comfortable in walking around and taking their time to look in cupboards and really taking the time to visualise themselves living there.  If, however, you cannot leave the house,  just stay in one room and allow the viewers to wander and come back with any questions.  It is never advisable to follow them room to room, it makes people feel rather uncomfortable.  Occasionally your purchasers may want to meet you to find out more information about the property, such as what the neighbours are like and what days the bins have to go out, all positive signs that they like your home!

9. Remember of course that everyone’s taste is different and whilst your home is your pride and joy it may be hard if the viewer doesn’t agree, so they might tell you they like the house, rather than say they don’t like the style of your bathroom or they find the property dated etc.  We appreciate that sometimes it is difficult to hear these comments, but our job is to be honest with you.

10. Stay positive, and always listen and take advice from your agent, as we want to make your move stress free as possible!


If you are thinking of selling in Rickmansworth, Chorleywood or in the surrounding towns or villages, please do not hesitate to call me on 01923 776400.


Charlotte White