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Rickmansworth Sales Market Update March 2014

1) As Sales Branch Manager for our Rickmansworth Office, what trends are you currently experiencing?

Stock levels are low. Sellers seem to be waiting for the perfect property to come onto the market before they get their own home valued or even discuss moving with an Estate Agent.

2) What does this mean to the market as a whole?

This is just a vicious circle! If everyone continues in this vain, there are no perfect properties coming on the market to move into, those which do come on are inflated in price due to high demand, and subsequently will sell to someone with nothing to sell.

3) What advice would you give to anyone thinking they would like to move in 2014?

Speak to your agent now. Nobody is going to force you to market your property before you are ready, but you will know what price you can achieve, what steps you need to go through before you can sell, and, most importantly, you will get on the agent’s radar. If I know that you are looking to move, what you are looking for, and I see that perfect property on my market appraisal appointments, I could find you your perfect home before it even comes to the market.

Remember too, if you are upsizing, you wait too long and the price gap widens.


Call me today on 01923 776400 or email joe@sewellgardner.com to discuss how I can get you moved with as little fuss as possible.


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