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Rickmansworth Estate Agent on UK property show!

So my big moment, months we have been waiting for them to finally show The Renovation Game with Jonnie Irwin on Channel 4 (http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-renovation-game/4od) and my total screen time was about 20 seconds, a few knowing nods and the apparent inability to smile! I think it must have been the nerves but numerous texts and facebook messages have pointed out how grumpy I looked, so I don’t think I am going to be the new Phil Spencer after my big TV debut!

It was really interesting doing the show and seeing how it all comes together.  3 local (and reputable) independent agents were approached, they obviously weren’t available so Neil Guilfoyle from Trend & Thomas, Tony Bennett from Grosvenor Estates and myself were drafted in to give our combined opinion on the value of a run down house in West Way, Rickmansworth.  The good news was that Tony & Neil are 2 agents that I get on with so there has never been any problems between us, but it was a strange experience sharing our knowledge of the local market rather than competing against each other for once.

The Renovation Game Estate Agents

Alex (Sewell & Gardner), Tony (Grosvenor) & Neil (Trent & Thomas)

The premise of the show is that we value the house, they do improvement works up to a maximum value of £3,000 over 3 days and then if the value has increased by £15,000 or more then the builders get paid, no pressure from the builders then!!!  Luckily Tony took the wrath of the builders for his comments about their workmanship and colour choices in the bathroom!  The good news was we genuinely felt the house had improved in value by at least £20,000 and everyone was happy.


The most interesting thing was to see a house value improve SO dramatically over the space of 3 days.  The most interesting thing is that the house value would probably have increased significantly just from a serious de-clutter and good clean, both of which you don’t need to pay anyone to do.  It does tend to sound like a cliche nowadays as we have heard it so many times on various TV shows, but de-cluttering the house, a lick of paint and a good first impression go a long way when selling your house and should be pre-requisite to anyone selling.

The other thing I have learnt from the day…..SMILE SEWELL!!

Alex Sewell Valuing on C4 Renovation Game

Alex Sewell Valuing on C4's "The Renovation Game"