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Priya Says Goodbye: What it means to work for the best property management company in the UK

As we try and fill a Property Managers role, what better way than to advertise Priya Gohil’s parting words and her thoughts about our company as she prepares to leave us

If I could describe our team in three words they would be: dedicated, disciplined and dependable.

It has been a proud achievement to work within a gold award winning department. The judges of The Times & Sunday Times awards commented on the many ‘wow’ moments experienced in the day to day service we provide. And this is exactly it, our service is what makes us unique. Our service focuses on providing a sense of comfort and confidence to all our clients. Our wow moments don’t just stop there, as a team, the lettings department is out-going, high-spirited and a warm environment to be in. A distinctive quality of working within this office is the relationships that I have built over the last year, which will remain for years to come.

I have been a Property Manager for a year at Sewell & Gardner, my role involves everything from rent collection to organising maintenance with our in-house team of contractors, to regular attendance at the infamous Friday Club!

The most important skill necessary to succeed in this role is organisation. This will enable you to meticulously plan your day and prioritise tasks, because there will be a few! What makes it fun is being in a team of 6, which means you’re all aware of on-going property tasks, can use each others advice and learn from one another’s experiences. Susie is your girl when it comes to calculating tax or insurance, which may sound boring but Susie is by far the most amusing person (without meaning to do so) in the office and has become a close friend I can’t go long without having a dose of. Jessica is our inventory Clerk, she has only just joined us, but has added a sense of comfort and calmness to the bustling department. John & Shirley are the most compassionate duo you will ever come across. If ever in doubt they will take care of any maintenance problem and seem to have bags of solutions and a barrel full of wisdom. And finally Reagan, Reagan is not only the best Property Manager in the country and extremely skilled at the job she does, but a very close friend  (life partner- if she had been born a man I’d marry her tomorrow), she has supported me since my first day in the office and been a remarkable role model demonstrating daily what the modern day hands on property manager should be.

Working as a property manager means you get to work with the rest of the office closely too and get involved in all aspects of lettings. Properties come on the market with our Valuer Ben who often converts them to fully managed, we then liaise with the negotiators when setting up the new deal, and finally Rochelle our Renewals Manager when the yearly anniversary of the tenancy comes around. Ben, Rochelle and Julia our Senior Negotiator, have been within the company for many years and hold a load of experience on lettings. A few words to describe them; Ben is short for Benito Mussolini, I joke, Ben is lovely and tremendously passionate about his role. Rochelle is the strongest woman I know (besides my mother!), titled best negotiator of the year by The Times & Sunday Times awards 2013, she took me under wing as if I were one of her own! (and is a Rentman Guru!). Julia over the year has taken a sister like role, with the immense experience she has, she’ll always have time to stop and help you out, and especially if it’s related to paperwork as she is quite the perfectionist.

My time with Sewell & Gardner has been short, too short and the decision to leave was a very difficult one. Sewell & Gardner stand out amongst the rest; they are rapidly dominating the market and innovatively leading the way. It is overwhelming to think how much the company has achieved and how quickly we have grown whilst sustaining industry excellence and upholding morals and the duties in providing high end customer service.

I will miss them enormously; I thank Jane for giving me the opportunity to join the Sewell & Gardner family, an eminent a role model to the industry, a passionate business woman and an adoring friend, and Jan for the constant support, love and care and wisdom everyday.

So if you think you can step up and take over my role then why not send your CV to Reagan@sewellgardner.com – and see for yourself why I so loved working here.

Priya Gohil