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Welcome to One Stop Financial Services……


My name is Mike Dimonaco and I am the manager of One Stop Finance, I run a team of 12 advisers and we provide Financial Services for all types of clients and situations. We are called One Stop because literally you only need to make One Stop and we will help you sort out anything you like and I mean just anything – try us.


Ø  Do you need to make a Will?

Ø  Are you looking to move house and need a Mortgage?

Ø  Maybe you have had numerous jobs in your time and would just like to know what all your bits of paid up Pensions are worth,

Ø  Are you keen to start a Junior ISA for your grandchild?

Ø  Maybe you just need to review your Landlords Insurance?


Well these are just a few of the areas that we can help with.

Over the coming months we will focus on some of these aspects and more to help you understand some of these financial areas, don’t worry we won’t use industry jargon we will keep it simple but if you do have questions then feel free to contact us and ask or visit our website to find out more.

We have joined Sewell and Gardner lettings to help provide them and their clients – yourselves, with a point of contact where you can easily ask questions and get answers to any financial services related questions, as I said give us a try no matter how daft you may think the question is, remember the only daft question is the one you don’t ask!! Our Sewell and Gardner team consists of myself Mike Dimonaco (sometimes referred to as Magic Mike), Terry Donovan and Kevin Bushby; between us we have around 80 years of experience specialising in the Mortgage Market and Financial Services arena but we have a large support team behind us so we can refer anything we may not have the immediate answer to.


Mike Dimonaco – General Manager with 30 years experience in the finance industry having worked for two large life offices at a senior level before switching to run One Stop Finance. Mike was very keen to get involved with a local business where he felt he could help make a real difference. Mike is a keen sportsman and despite his age still turns out for the occasional game of rugby.


Terry Donovan – Has over 10 years experience in the financial Services markets including FSA regulation and Compliance. Terry joined One Stop over 7 years ago to assist with the then rapid development of the mortgage market. Fully CeMap qualified Terry has now become a key part of our experienced and successful team of consultants. Terry is another local person having grown up in the Watford / Hemel area. His pastimes include the martial arts, salsa dancing and generally keeping fit.


Kevin Bushby – A local lad who just happens to have a very strong South African accent, this could of course be due to the number of years he spent in South Africa! Kevin is another very experienced member of the adviser team who works remotely servicing some of the agency contracts that One Stop have in the local area. Kevin is a person who works hard and plays hard and will be only too keen to see any of his clients at any time of the day (or night!). Kevin is very much a family man who finds his escape in work, cricket and fast cars.

Watch out for future articles, but in the meantime you can contact Mike, Terry or Kevin on 01442 232272 or email

Visit our website at: