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The Olympians of Sewell & Gardner

As I sit here enthralled by the great spectacle that hit’s our TV’s every 4 years I find myself wondering what event would I do or could see myself excelling at? And further to this, what would my super athletic Sewell & Gardner peers do?

With all the media speculation about the property market and house prices post Brexit it’s nice to take a break and just have a little fun so here goes!


My top ten Sewell & Gardner Olympians –

Representing team S&G in the table tennis has to be Ben Howard from our Watford office. Not the strongest or quickest guy in the world so had to go for something that involves not moving too much and lifting a light tool of choice.

Sammy Walton from Operations has to be in the Heptathlon. Juggling numerous events at the same time, a real all rounder!

Jackie Scott, our Rickmansworth Branch Manager, has to be a gymnast for me as she loves a tumble.

Chris Wood, who is our Croxley Green Branch Manager, looks like a sailor to me so he can take his place in the boat, just sit and feel the wind in his hair.

Martyn Drabik of our media department  is clearly in the trap shooting. Point and shoot is his daily routine.

Then I thought we have to have our synchronised divers. They need to be young, look half decent and be able to squeeze into some really tight speedos. So for me Laurence Burch from Rickmansworth Sales and Jamie Smart from Chorleywood Sales fit the bill here.

Don’t ask me why but I picture Tyler Clark from our Croxley Green office as a Judo man. Uncompromising in the grapple I would imagine.

Then I thought a little out of the box. Who could be the Cox in the end of the boat encouraging the rowers through their paces? The Rickmansworth team tell me Emily Morgan has some lungs suitable to carry out this task!

And that leaves us with our esteemed leader Mr Alex Sewell who in past Olympics would have probably made the Rugby 7’s team, but in 2016 he is the captain of the Weightlifting team complete with numerous tuba-grips on his knees and elbows.

And me you ask? Well I’m writing the blog so I don’t have to say! I did run the 100 metres in 11.6 seconds when I was younger though, just the 2 seconds slower than the Bolt!

I hope you enjoy the show but don’t forget once it’s finished to give me a call and talk all things property. Sewell & Gardner are committed to providing gold medal standard service so don’t settle for 2nd best.

All the best

Joe Rylett Watford Branch Manager

Joe Rylett
Watford Branch Manager