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My Journey as a First Time Buyer

I started looking for a property in May 2013 and we eventually completed on our property in May 2014. We were looking in a fairly wide area and considered  properties in Rickmansworth, Gerrards Cross, Amersham and Beasconsfield. As there still is now, there was a real lack of property on the market so we often found weeks would go by without a suitable property coming to the market. We made unsuccessful offers on four property and had offers accepted on two properties but in both cases the vendors decided against selling as they could not find a property to purchase themselves.

The market was rising at such a rate that although we were living with family in order to save money the property prices were increasing much more than our deposit was so we found that properties similar to ones we had viewed at the beginning of our search were out of our budget a few months later.

We finally had an offer accepted on our home in February 2014. We bought a 2 bedroom character cottage in Amersham (our preferred style of house and our preferred location).  We found the mortgage application and legal process smooth but the purchase did take 13 weeks which was a lot longer than we had hoped as we suffered some delays caused by our vendors onwards purchase.

Since being in our property we honestly feel that our home suits us much better than any other properties that we offered on and although it was a rather stressful time trying to secure a property we would not change anything as we are delighted to now be living in our dream home.

Good Luck!

Jackie Scott Assistant Manager

Jackie Scott
Assistant Manager