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Land round up of 2019

2019 for Sewell & Gardner’s Land department has been one of positivity and change…. the main change being myself moving into the team. Having gained experience in the new homes & second hand residential market over the past few years, I felt it was the right time for me to move into the world of land & development. Before I was looking at the end result of a land deal being put together, selling the houses they got planning permission for, but now I sit right at the start of the process. I am involved in sourcing land and advising what is the best to do with it, which is where my experience is key. Having firmly got my feet under the table I can honestly say that not many people appreciate how complex acquiring new sites and getting planning permission can be. There are so many factors that can have an impact, to the point where one tree can affect a development of 10 units being built!

We have had a good year with some of our subject to planning sites gaining planning permission, which will hopefully mean some more units for our New Homes team to sell in 2020. We’ve also had success with our unconditional sites and sites with planning permission, but essentially these have sold due to us getting the price right. On a daily basis we like to review what the market as whole looks like, who’s doing what, who’s buying what and we even review the general economy. Some might think why? Well, every negative article or negative development in the economy has an impact on us. Unfortunately, what we have found in Q3/4 of 2019 is that price of building materials and supplies have rocketed resulting in the build price being higher than ever. This as a result squeezes the land value, which is where our expertise comes in to play with negotiating to make sure we can propose the best solution to this major stumbling block. Ultimately, I can honestly say having worked in the land, new homes and residential markets, there is one common factor that applies to all…price! If this is right, it will sell!

2020 looks strong for us as we await to hear on the local councils which sites they are releasing for development as per their local plan and the sites we are working on now will hopefully come to fruition in the early part of the new year! We also are working with homeowners demonstrating how great of an asset their properties are with development potential.

Fingers crossed in 2020 there will be more stability within the Government and combined with Brexit finally happening at the end of January, this will inject some more positivity into the whole economy.