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Joining the S&G team!

I joined Sewell & Gardner a month ago as a Property Manager. As a new-comer to the company I can thoroughly appreciate the hard work, care and enthusiasm everyday that goes into being a member of such a dynamic team. Over my first month I have learnt how to handle various tasks, most of which required me to be confident in using our software (which I picked up and now can’t live without) and familiarising myself with our properties.

I joined Susie, Abbie, John & Shirley on the current management team

My background in law facilitates my role so I can appreciate the importance of legal obligations of tenants and landlords. By managing properties for landlords I can express this and continuously keep them up to date with any changes within the law relating to their obligations to their property.

As a property manager I have learnt that the key skill is organisation. We have many managed properties and it is important to follow a system in order to stay on top of all actions undertaken on a day to day basis. Having such a strong system ensures we can focus on the customer care side of things and provide a service that goes beyond what is expected for both tenants and landlords. One thing I love about my job is maintaining and upholding relationships with our tenants and landlords which have been built by the others. This is rewarding in its own way and makes my role a joy.

Already after being here for a month I am motivated by my colleagues to achieve an awardable level of customer service, organisation and success for the company in the not so far near future.

Sewell & Gardner is recognised for this massive positive influence not only on the community but for the integrity & customer focussed approach that Sewell & Gardner Stands for. I am proud to have joined the family.


Priya Gohil