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It’s a great time to move

It is a great time to move because if the estate agents are moving then that tells me the market is good! This I can confirm, as we have seen higher levels of activity in the last 4-6 weeks with more properties hitting the market and subsequently selling since 2007.

It’s been a month for moving within the Sewell & Gardner team with two of our Directors downsizing and upsizing respectively, our New Homes Manager Emily making her first purchase, one of her negotiators Sarah also making the leap from rental to homeowner and Branch Manager Kirsty and her husband, DEA Martyn, making the move up the ladder from apartment to house. On top of this our Senior Negotiators Jackie has set up her first pad too! Add to this selling my Dad’s rental investment for him and it’s been an exciting but also stressful time for all. With all this going on we have still managed to see a fantastic month with many sales agreed across all the departments.

Congratulations to all my colleagues and good luck with the shelf fixing, furniture buying and de-weeding!

This is typically the time of the year when the property market improves however current activity is beyond what I had expected. Despite the unpredictable English weather, the sun is most definitely shining at Sewell & Gardner. If the Sewell & Gardner team are buying then things just be good!

If you want to join the moving party then give us a call on 01923 776400 – now is most definitely the time! If you want a multi-award winning estate agent who has a wealth of experience in your area and an empathetic approach to estate agency, look no further than Sewell & Gardner. I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best, Joe