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Is Your Estate Agent A Shark or an Orca?

Take my favourite animals; a Great White Shark and an Orca, or Killer Whale, both are right at the top of the food chain, “Apex Predators”.

A Great White Shark is a rogue, lone feeder who fixes on prey through smell and sonar and only once it has taken a bite will it truly know if it’s chosen food is part of it’s normal diet, or not. If it isn’t, it will spit it out, although whatever it is will probably die of trauma and blood loss, (which explains the occasional fatal attack on stray surfers and swimmers).

Orcas (Killer Whales) hunt in pods, packs and are highly adaptable in their survival and hunting techniques, whether amongst the ice-bergs of the Antarctic, or the fjords of Norway. An Orca can determine it’s prey before moving in through sophisticated radar and sonar and will then work with it’s pod to ascertain the most efficient way of taking it down, whether it be an enormous Blue Whale, (the largest beast in the sea), or a poor little seal pup taking refuge on the ice or on even on the beach!

Contrary to what you might expect, Orcas are the ultimate predator and would also prevail in a one on one contest, because a Great White’s weak spot has been handed down by the generations of Orcas. Orcas have been known to hold a Great White Shark upside down to induce ‘tonic immobility’, keeping the shark still for fifteen minutes and eventually causing it to suffocate. Orcas have bigger brains than Great Whites: Ultimately intelligence, knowledge and team work prevail and give the Orca an edge over the “White Death”.

SO WHAT HAS THIS GOT TO DO WITH THE WORLD OF ESTATE AGENCY? Well, Estate Agents have long been referred to as SHARKS and in many cases the stereotype is fully justified. A typical ‘Great White’ Estate Agent won’t care about getting to know their client or their client’s house, they won’t care about the mess they make in your property whilst viewing with their latest ‘victim’, they won’t communicate with their fellow sharks because they work in glorious isolation (which means you as the Vendor get random feedback from many different sharks) and when all said and done, all this ‘Great White’ of an Estate Agent is interested in is the smell of blood / commission in the water. As the customer, you end up feeling savaged, traumatised and afraid to go back in the water……………………………….


Yes, as sales orientated mammals, we are set and motivated by individual sales targets, but the overriding emphasis, the company ethos is on team work; if one succeeds, the pod succeeds and we all feed. And we know who our customer is, as Orcas we don’t prey on humans, we respect them, work with them and occasionally play & celebrate with them. What we offer is a huge presence, we swim in virtually every Ocean on the Planet (well South Bucks and Hertfordshire,and hoping to venture into new waters at some point in the future) and we are able to go after (sell) big, medium or small elements within the food chain (houses), whether they be £1 Million + or sub £150,000. The baby Orcas within the pod are trained by the elders right from when they join the pod and even battle scarred, lumbering, middle aged Orcas, like yours truly, pick up some fantastic selling techniques on a weekly basis from the likes of Big Daddy Orca (AKA Alex Sewell, Managing Director). You never stop learning, you never stop giving, you never stop swimming, even if the younger Orcas (everyone is younger than me in the office, including Big Daddy) close the deal before you arrive on the scene!!! Since joining S&G some two months ago, I wasn’t sure whether I was going to be part of a feeding frenzy of Great White Sharks, in other words, working on my own for my own gain, not for more colleagues’ benefit and certainly not for the client’s! But NO, I am relieved and proud to be able to say that I am part of a highly tuned pod of Orcas, using my skills to contribute to the pod and also learning from the pod to address my own inadequacies (of which there are many, I might add).

Ultimately, the reason you should engage the services of Sewell & Gardner Sales & Lettings is that INTELLIGENCE, KNOWLEDGE & TEAM WORK prevail and give us the edge over the competition.

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Mark Tibbles, Senior Sales Negotiator