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Honesty goes a long way

After finishing my A levels around this time last year I decided to take a couple months break and then look for a job. I was always interested in the property industry, so once the couple months break was up off I began to look for a job as an estate agent. After a few days searching online I managed to find a role and got an interview. To cut a long story short I got offered the job which I was delighted with. There I am 4 months after finishing school with a full time job offer, I accepted the role only to learn that they were actually planning on moving me to their other office…..a 50 minute drive on from the office which I thought I would be working at.After phoning the office to see if this was true, they started to lie by trying make out I would be based at the original office but working mostly at the other office. I realised I was going to be treated with little respect if I did work there. Once they realised they were on the back foot they tried lying about how it could be positive and I realised this was not a company I would want to work for.

My mum then did her usual Friday morning routine and had a flick through the Watford Observer’s property section. She stumbled across the Sewell &

Ben and the rest of the Watford team! Click this image to watch our Watford meet the team video

Ben and the rest of the Watford team! Click this image to watch our Watford meet the team video

Gardner page and saw the awards the company had won and how well it was progressing in terms of opening up a new Watford Branch. She recommended that I had a look on the website as she had heard good things about S&G. I went on the website and saw that they were recruiting for the role of Sales Negotiator for the new Watford Office. I applied and after a few interviews I got the job. Here I am 5 months later having settled into the role really well and taken off my probationary period early.

Being under the watchful eye of my Branch Manager Joe and Property Marketing Manager Jordan, I have picked up some really key skills and learnt the best way to earn respect from people is being honest. I have since heard about situations where agents ‘bend the truth’ to try and get a sale. My limited experience to date has only proved to me that this tends to cause issues later down the line. I have made a promise to myself to always tell the truth in my career as I feel it will only benefit me in the longer term.

If you don’t believe me check out our Google reviews and testimonials from buyers and sellers on our website by clicking here.

Ben Howard Sales Negotiator

Ben Howard
Sales Negotiator