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Going the Extra Mile

At our last end of month meeting, my Director asked me why do the job I do? I simply replied I find it rewarding. The reason I find it rewarding is because, for me, there is nothing more satisfying than taking the stress off someone who is moving and I believe the way to do that is to go that extra mile which some agents do not. I personally have never moved (still at home with mum and dad) so had never experienced the stress that the moving process can have on people, until my girlfriend and her family moved recently. They sold through our Rickmansworth Branch and bought through our Chorleywood Branch. They had previously been on the market with another agent a few years back, who had little success in trying to sell the house and made them feel like a sale they couldn’t be bothered with.

This time round they went on with the right agent, all of Sewell & Gardner’s branches go that extra mile for their clients and make sure they do as much as possible to relieve them of any stress involved in the moving process. They found it a pleasant experience due to the excellent customer service they received, but unfortunately some people do not have such a great experience with other agents.

I feel that being pro active and making sure you have as much knowledge of the sale as possible benefits all parties involved in it. For example, one of our sales that is going through at the moment has a big chain attached to it and the agent at the bottom of the chain does not chase the solicitors or have much knowledge of what is happening on the legal side of it, putting strain on our vendors and the buyers. I am now chasing that agents sale myself and even though it adds more work on my behalf, I think it is worth it to relieve my client of stress and make sure they are kept up to speed with everything that is happening.

That is where Sewell & Gardner’s customer service skills shine compare to other agents. Check out our testimonial videos to see for yourselves.

Click this image to watch our client testimonial video

Click this image to watch our client testimonial video

If you are thinking of moving around the Watford area let us make it a pleasant experience. Do not hesitate to contact me on 01923 252505, I look forward to hearing from you.

Ben Howard Sales Negotiator

Ben Howard
Sales Negotiator