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Gas Safety Legislation for Rented Property

Landlord Gas SafeyThe Legislation:

Was introduced in 1994 and later amended to form the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 which came into force on 31 October 1998 and replaced all previous regulations.

These regulations placed a legal duty on the Landlord or Agent to ensure that the following items are safe within a rented property:

  • Gas Appliances
  • Pipework leading to the Appliances
  • Flues leading from the Appliances

The following checks must also be done:

  • Mandatory annual check to assess whether or not the system and appliances are safe and meet current standards
  • That the meter is in good working order and there is no escape of gas

The regulation also cover appliances using bottled gas and the external storage of gas (propane gas).


Complying with the Regulations is a legal requirement and failure to do so is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE!

The maximum penalty for non-compliance is:

  • 6 months imprisonment and/or
  • £5000 fine

However, if a tenant or occupier dies as a result of the Regulations not being adhered to a more serious charge of manslaughter may be brought against the Landlord or Managing Agent.


Ensure your gas engineer is properly qualified

Gas Safety checks must be carried out by an engineer who is suitably qualified and and listed on the Gas Safe Register http://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/ they must carry an ID card which you should check carefully as this will contain the information regarding the type of work they can do! The following link will show you how to check an ID card: http://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/about/how_to_check_the_id_card.aspx



Before you let your gas engineer into your home to work on your gas appliances make sure you check the front and the back their Gas Safe ID card. If they don’t show this to you when they turn up at your door then don’t be afraid to ask to see it.

Check the front of the card for:

  • The photo
  • The start date and expiry date
  • The licence number
  • The security hologram

Check the back of the card to make sure:

  • Your engineer is qualified to do the gas work you want done e.g. cooker, boiler, gas fire
  • Their qualifications are up to date

It is likely that your agent will offer to organise the Gas Safety Certificate for you at the outset of a new tenancy, but please ensure this IS carried out before the tenant moves in, and that EACH TENANT is given a copy of the certificate and signs for this, a copy is held on file (for 6 years) and, using due diligence, a copy should be visible within the property.

It is a legal regulation to replace this certificate annually or when the tenant changes in the property.

DO NOT THINK that this is a one-off requirement, or that your agent will automatically organise an on-going check on your behalf next year (although a good managing agent would do this for you!!).

Make sure that YOU DIARISE to have the next check carried out by organising a convenient time & date with your tenant and make sure that each tenant is given (and where possible, sign for) a new certificate, or that the new certificate is posted up in the property and that past copies are not destroyed (but held safely on file for 6 years) as you may need to show them if/when inspected.


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Hi Shirley,

I just wanted to feedback and say a big thank you to you and your team regarding the recent work on the inspection hatches.  The team involved were so nice and friendly and left the room clean and tidy.
The work on the hatches is clearly to an extremely high standard.

Please feel free to share this feedback as you see fit.

Thanks again for being so accommodating.
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