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How to find the right home for you


Before you can begin looking for a home it is very important to figure out your budget as this will be your benchmark when you are searching online and registering with agents. If you are looking at properties you can’t afford, it is very easy to become frustrated and disappointed with what’s achievable. The best way to know how much you can afford is to speak to an independent Financial Advisor before you start your search. Most financial advice is free so it is always best to speak to a couple of different brokers to ensure you are happy with the broker you decide to go with, whilst also getting the best possible product for you.

Once you have established your budget you can then figure out which areas you can afford to live in and also get an idea for what type of property you can expect to buy in that location. Property prices vary hugely depending on the condition of a property so it is worth considering whether you are happy to buy a property that requires work doing to it and speaking about this with your Estate Agent. Buying a property that requires work means you can get a larger property but be sure to factor in the cost of the work required into your overall budget.

Now you have decided where you want to live and have a rough understanding of what is achievable in your price range, it is best to compile a short list of attributes a property absolutely must have to work for you. This should include things that cannot be changed for example garden sizes and orientation, scope to extend or distance from local amenities and train stations. It is important at this stage not to worry about things like what colour the walls are or whether the property has carpets or wood flooring as these are all things that can be changed to your taste. Try to focus on the space and location before the fixtures, fittings and decor.

Using popular property search sites such as www.rightmove.com & www.onthemarket.com start to have a look at what is on the market and shortlist any properties that are of interest. You will notice a handful of different local agents offering properties of all different shapes and sizes. Contacting the agents regarding a property couldn’t be easier online as you can send an enquiry through the property portal to request a call or further more information. Alternatively, if you would prefer to just give the agent a call there is also a phone number on each property listing. Whilst registering your details with the agents be sure to remember that list of attributes you’ve compiled previously, this means you won’t receive emails or information regarding properties that are of no interest to you. Whilst you are talking to the estate agent, take your time to ensure they have as much information regarding your property search as possible. This not only allows us to tailor your property search more accurately but also gives you an understanding of what to expect from us.


Let the fun begin! You don’t ever truly know what you want in a home until you see it. The more properties you get out to view the more you begin to realise what is important to you. No viewing is ever a waste of time as it builds a better picture of the house you want. I would also recommend that you spend some time getting to know the local area to find out whether it is somewhere you can see yourself living!

It could be the second house you see or it could be the forty second house you see, but the moment you walk through the right door and get the feeling that this is the door you want to walk through every day, you will know it is the home for you. It’s the kind of home where you don’t want to leave the viewing and after you want to tell everyone about it. Your interest in new houses coming onto the market fades and all the spotlights are on that one property and there isn’t a doubt in your mind that another property could trump this one… DON’T WAIT AROUND! If your heart is set on a particular property, there should be nothing stopping you from making an offer and getting the ball rolling. The more excited you are about buying the home, the more excited they are to sell you their home.

If you are about to start house hunting and would like any further advice, please feel free to give me a call on 01923 777704 or email ollie@sewellgardner.com

Ollie Jimminson
Property Consultant