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De-clutter your home for Watford Mencap


Sewell & Gardner's Declutter your Home for Watford Mencap

Filled Boxes!

In our property industry we know just how much ‘stuff’ is accumulated over the years and what a huge problem that is when it comes to moving home… Do you just skip the lot, take numerous trips to the local dump or sell it on eBay?  Do you box it up and move it on with you?  If your usual answer is to dispose of anything old, broken or unwanted in the rubbish bin, then our charity drive might be right up your street…

Did you know that it takes 16,000 litres of water to grow just 1kg of cotton (Source:  German Textile Federation) and if every person in the UK recycled one woollen garment each year it would save us around 371 million gallons of water and 480 tones of chemical dyestuffs.  (The average UK reservoir holds approx. 300 million gallons of water!).  (Source: Evergreen).

In the UK we have a very limited amount of landfill sites and by donating unwanted clothes to charity organisations, we are directly helping to reduce the ever mounting pressure on our land.

Our local charity Watford Mencap are based in Rickmansworth High Street and they do great with Choice Textiles, who recycle almost anything and helped to build a new school in the Northern Nigerian village Umuorkpara http://www.choicetextile.com/ from unwanted items collected via Charity Shops in the UK.

Within 4 weeks of being handed into a charity shop, Choice Texlines sorting plant can deliver a clean damage-free pair of trousers to the West & East coast of Africa for as little as £0.21 – less than the cost of mailing a letter, and that not only includes the garment but also the transportation (Source: SMART).

As an ongoing charity drive, Sewell & Gardner will provide our customers, tenants and landlords with as many handy sized boxes (with lids and carry handles) to be filled with anything old or no longer needed.

Excluding perishables, this can include:

  • Clothes & textiles, especially branded items
  • Books, especially specialist subjects or sets
  • CDs, DVDs & computer games
  • Electrical items, even if they don’t work, such as kettles, toasters, light fittings
  • Old mobile phones, even the very out of date ones!
  • Shoes, boots, trainers, sports shoes, bags, belts
  • Toys
  • China & collectables
box of rubbish

Give us your box of rubbish!

Give us your unwanted books!

Give us your unwanted books!

Just give Sewell & Gardner a call on 01923 721900 or email us @ susie@sewellgardner.com and you can collect the boxes them from our office @ 165-167  High Street, Rickmansworth then drop the filled boxes back to us.  These boxes will then we passed directly to Watford Mencap for the items to be sold or recycled and the money will go to help over 500 children and adults in the Watford & South West Herts area who have learning disabilities, such as Down’s Syndrome, autism and Fragile X.