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What should I consider when choosing a solicitor or conveyancer?

I am often asked by first time buyers and sellers what they should consider when choosing a solicitor or conveyancer. If you have never bought or sold a property before it is perfectly normal to have a lot of questions about the legal side and it is important that your solicitor can help you through this. Here are my top tips for what to consider when choosing the right solicitor for you-

  1. Strong communication. It is important to find a solicitor who is pro-active and happy to pick up the phone. This will really put your mind at ease further down the line and also make sure the process is as efficient as possible.
  2. Fee is not the most important factor! If you pick the lowest fee, you are unlikely to receive the level of service and advice that you require, so bear this in mind before getting drawn in by the cheapest quote. When you receive a quote, make sure you get an understanding of the process ahead and what is expected of you. Quotes are varied so find out about any additional costs you may incur later down the line. A good solicitor should be able to break down a quote to simplify things for you.
  3. Recommendations. Ask your friends and read some online reviews. Do you know anyone who has bought or sold recently? If so why not ask them about their experience and if they would recommend the solicitor they used? Have a look at some reviews online as well. This will allow you to see if previous clients have been happy with the service and may help you narrow down the shortlist.

And of course, take on board the advice of the agent and who they recommend.  At Sewell & Gardner we recommend two companies, A V Rillo and Archer Rusby. We understand the importance of choosing the right solicitor for you and so only recommend companies that we trust and know will provide a high quality service. We have a great relationship with these companies and have full confidence in recommending them to our clients. To find out more about these companies-

Archer Rusby- http://www.archerrusby.com/

A V Rillo- https://avrillo.co.uk/

If you would like any further advice please do no hesitate to give us a call on 01923 252505.

Ollie Jimminson Property Consultant

Ollie Jimminson
Property Consultant