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Chorleywood round up of 2019

2019 has been an interesting year for the housing market in Chorleywood with the slow start at the beginning part of the year, picking up in April time through to the middle of July and slowing right down by September. Sales have been particularly difficult with lenders asking more questions and the whole process from start to finish taking on average 12 weeks to exchange of contracts instead of the 8 weeks we have been used to dealing with previously.

Property prices have fallen approximately 10% and we are finding the market between £350,000 and £700,000 the hardest price range to sell. There is a general feeling of apathy with both buyers and sellers and now in mid-November new buyer enquiries are low.

Despite this we are delighted to have agreed some deals off market and were pleased to see some properties going to best and final offers. We welcomed Charlotte Butler to our Chorleywood team this year and she has been a brilliant addition to an already strong team who are excited to see what 2020 holds.

As always, our Chorleywood team have been heavily involved in supporting the local community through sponsorship of various local events, including schools & local associations. Just recently we also took part in the annual Chorleywood Christmas Night, sponsoring a nativity of real animals and keeping the office open for mince pies and prosecco. The night was a great success and it was lovely to see and speak to so many local people, including clients past and present. Having worked in Chorleywood for many years, we always delighted to be involved in these sorts of events and give something back to the community we feel so much a part of.