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Choose our fully managed service this Halloween to avoid any unwanted frights!

You’ll get a fright this Halloween when your tenant calls to say their boiler has broken, but our fully managed service can resolve that problem for you! Our in house property management team will be at the end of the phone to your tenant 24/7 if they have any issues within the property, whether that’s no heating or hot water, a leak, you name it, we have a local, trusted contractor to get to the property and resolve the matter.

As the days get darker earlier and the temperature drops, we are seeing an increase in problems reported with heating and hot water as boilers are being turned on and used to full capacity again. This is not the phone call you as a Landlord want to be taking when you’ve had a long day at work, or sit down to enjoy your lunch on a Sunday.

Allow us to take the pressure off you and deal with the issue as efficiently as we can, by operating with a third party company FixFlo. (Check out here ). Your tenant can report descriptions and photos to the site which filters into our inbox to allow us to identify the issue and send onto the relevant contractor. They get the pictures and description so are able to see the problem and in some cases can call the tenant and talk them through what needs to be done, which in turn can save you a call out charge!

If any work is required, once completed you will be given the invoice that we receive from our contractor, showing no surcharges added by us, so you can be assured the contractors we use are used through trust and reliability rather than referral fee. Fully managed service

We know that for Landlords the worst fright of all would be not receiving rent from your tenant. Included in our managed service is rent protection so if your tenant does stop paying their rent for any reason you will still receive this money (up to a rental figure of £2,500pcm). We carry out in-depth checks on potential tenants before they move which are explained in full below, but you never know when even a reliable tenants financial situation could change so we always recommend this insurance to protect our landlords financially. To provide this service we work with the market leader, Homelet, who carry out in depth referencing checks on prospective tenants including:

  • Credit check
  • Employer reference
  • Previous landlord reference
  • IP address check for where the references come from to ensure they are legitimate
  • CIFAS register check to see if they have committed or been a victim to fraudulent activity

Tenants are now given the option to opt in for open banking which allows Homelet to view the in & outgoings of their current account which gives you, our Landlord, an insight into the tenants lifestyle. I’m sure you can appreciate this is quite intrusive, which is why it is offered as an option.

Once an approved reference is sent to our inbox, this allows us to activate and set up your rent guarantee policy to hold against the property for the duration of the tenancy so you can rest assured you won’t be losing our financially if any frights do jump out! Click here to find out more about Homelet.

There is currently a huge demand for rental properties in the area, so if you have a property you are considering renting now would be a great time to capitalise on this asset. Call 01923 726100 to chat to one of our team and find out how much your property is worth in this buoyant market and the next steps.