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A buyer’s checklist for finding a new home this Spring

SPRING into your new home this season so you’re ready to relax when summer hits. As buyer demand is still outweighing supply of homes available to buy, there are some key points to consider which will help you to stand out against other potential buyers. I have put together a list of fundamental points to keep in mind to put you in the best position for buying a home.

Register with multiple agencies

To maximise the chance of finding a home that meets your criteria, make sure you register with a few agencies that cover the areas you are interested in. In such a busy market, properties are getting snapped up fast, often after just one weekend of viewings or in some cases before online even begins. If you register with local agents rather than relying on Rightmove, you maximise your chance of hearing about properties as early as possible. Registering with multiple local agencies will also allow you to hear about all the properties coming on to the market in the area, not just a selection. Have a think about what your ‘must haves’ are and what you might be willing to compromise on and communicate to the agents you are working with. They can then send over anything they think could work for you.

Put yourself in the best position to buy a home 

Due to the high buyer demand and lack of supply, you will most likely be up against lots of other potential buyers so there are some key actions to put in place to put you in the best position. In this market sellers are ideally looking for buyers who are proceedable. This means, they have no chain, are cash buyers so no mortgage required or are already under offer on their current property. So if you have a property to sell, it is really important you get on the market to maximise your chances of being in the best position when you find a home you really love.

  • Get your finances in order as early as possible- speak to a Financial Advisor to ascertain your budget and get a mortgage in principle*. We can put you in touch with one.
  • Prepare all your documents (such as ID, proof of address, payslips/bank statements)
  • Know your budget – familiarise yourself with the property prices in the areas you are looking in and what you can afford.
  • Have a solicitor ready- we can recommend some good local ones that we use ourselves.

(This is a confirmation stating how much your lender is prepared to lend you to buy a property and shows sellers that you are a serious buyer with the necessary finances to buy their property)

Research areas

Make sure you get to know the area, the local amenities, transport links, schools or anything you need to be in close proximity to. If schools are a priority to you, research the best schools in the area and their catchment areas. It is always a good idea to visit the neighbourhood in both the day & night time to check it is the right location for you. Our team are all local people with great area knowledge, so if you have any questions about the area, they will be happy to help.

Make a ‘must have’ list

Having a list with all the key features you want in your next home is important to check when viewing properties, it will also be helpful for the agents to know exactly what you are looking for/ key features/characteristics of a property/internal & external space etc.

However, whilst having this list, it’s also important to have some flexibility because if you fall in love with a property and it doesn’t have all the features on your list, you may to have compromise.

We understand buying a home can be somewhat stressful, daunting & complicated but if you follow the above checklist and make sure you do your research first, you will put yourself in a good position when putting an offer down on a property you love.

If you are not yet on the market, get the ball rolling and call 01923 776400 to book a market appraisal. With over 20 years of experience helping people move locally, we are also happy to help with any further advice you may require or any questions you have about the local area.

Happy home hunting! If you would like to browse our available properties, then please click here