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5 top tips to refresh your home in 2022

With the New Year in full swing and the first month of 2022 flying by, many of us have probably got some New Years resolutions in mind. Rather than repeating the classic fitness related aspirations like ‘to become fit & healthy’, have you thought about some goals on how to freshen up your home? I am a firm believer of the saying ‘home is where the heart is’ as we are spending more time in our homes with the new WFH lifestyle. So many people moved into new homes last year, we thought we would share some ideas on how to freshen up your space.

We spend time with our loved ones, relax & recharge in our home so making sure it reflects your required style is key. Every now and then it’s good to get creative when it comes to giving your home a new touch, add or takeaway some features every year,  whether you’re planning to move home or stay, it will make your home feel new & refreshed. Think of it like you’re making your home feel healthy again as its the start of a new year! Let’s go into some of my top tips for making your home feel fresh & new:

Organise & throw away the clutter!

Tip number 1 is the most important one in making sure your home feels clean. A tidy home= a tidy mind! We know a tidy workspace increases productivity so make sure your kitchen & other rooms are well organised. It’s almost impossible to feel 100% relaxed and happy when most of your rooms have piles of clutter. There is nothing better than having a good clear out to start the new year of, so be ruthless and try not to hold onto too many bits!

You can never have too many storage cupboards as we seem to collect more stuff on a monthly basis, so think of investing in storage units as a preparation process for the future! This way, you don’t need to get rid of all your belongings, just put them in a hidden place like clever shelving, hidden cupboards or pull out drawers. Well-designed kitchens ensure everything has a place and prevents this habit of cluttering, resulting in minimal stress.

Add a splash of colour

One of the most cost effective ways to change the look and feel of a room is to change the colour scheme. Painting one wall as a feature wall is a great way to freshen up any room as it gives a new modern look, depending on the colour you choose. With that being said, its important to choose the right colours, as colour has a powerful way of effecting our mood, thoughts & behaviour.

The top recommendations for colours if you want a burst of happiness are yellow & pink. Yellow makes us feel happy & cheerful so great for home offices or kitchens, whilst pink items can feel more nurturing and boost feelings of optimism. If you don’t feel brave painting a wall as bright as the suggested colours, try adding accessories like cushions, bedding or add some artwork. Now is a great time to re decorate so make the most of it and get painting. Try your home office or bedroom and see for yourself. Home

Fill your home with greenery

In the spirit of getting healthier in the new year, how about spreading that to your home too. Adding plants to your house not only adds beauty and a touch of comfort but also offers strong health benefits too.  House plants help to clean the air, improve concentration, and reduce anxiety, so are a great addition to your home when improving your mood. Have mixture of baby succulents and larger leafed plants throughout your home, so each room feels clean, fresh & gives off good all round energy.

Add a statement piece 

Adding some artwork to a room can transform the look & feel. Try adding one or two statement pieces to a room and see how the space transforms. Whether its your favourite painting, art piece, photo or quote, or a quirky piece of furniture it will be the focal point of the room if its on the bigger scale and can add personality to a room. If you have a neutral kitchen, adding a photo, or a graphic piece with some colour could brighten the room & add a unique touch. Find something that you love so you aren’t likely to get bored of it in a few months.

Invest in new scents

Get rid of any existing smells and go out and purchase some new ones to transform the smell of a room, just like we have spoken about everything we can do to transform the look of a room. Lavender and jasmine scents are good for unwinding, whilst citrus smells give you a positive boost! Candles & diffusers also make our home feel cosy & make us feel relaxed, which is important come the evenings for winding down and getting ready for a good nights sleep.

These are my main 5 tips for refreshing your home this year, so I hope you experiment & try them out! Let us know if you try any as we would love to hear what you have done. Let’s focus on staying organised this year, keep the space in our home tidy & fresh as it reflects our how we feel mentally. Once we start looking after the space we live in, with many of us working from home, we will feel happier & more productive in our day-to-day lives. Click here to find out how to refresh your home decor.

Of course, if you are looking for a new house to make a home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly & experienced team will be happy to help you with your search and find the perfect buyer for yours!