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10 reasons why we keep winning awards

1. We know that we are unique and special and have the confidence and capability to express our message to our customers, to our peers, to our competitors and to those esteemed individuals who judge the most prestigious award ceremonies in the UK.  This means that when it comes to negotiating a new tenancy or sale for you, we are the experts and will be able to secure you the very best deal possible.


2. We try to be at the forefront of everything new, we attend as many training courses, conferences and meetings as possible to ensure that we know what is coming before our competitors.  We also appreciate that things rapidly change, especially where technology and legislation is concerned, so we communicate everything possible to you so that you too are empowered with knowledge.


3. We are in a very competitive industry but that does not mean we fight dirty, we are fair and honorable but we love to WIN so we do things correctly, we never cut corners and we never cheat.  When we win something it is because we have put our hearts and souls into it and hopefully that integrity is why our customers love us so much and keep coming back to us year after year.


4. We train and train, retrain and retrain so that we always give you the correct advice, the most up-to-date information and you can rely on us time and again for anything property related, without any shadow of doubt in your mind.


5. The team are passionate about their industry and are brimming with pride to work at Sewell & Gardner and be in the privileged position to have your custom or potential custom.  To be able to impart our passion and pride to you is the reason we come to work every day and carry on working long after the office door is closed in the evening!


6. We want to showcase our fantastic customer service, our brilliant website, our simple and yet superb marketing ideas and our wonderful staff to the industry experts, those people at the very top of their game, who take the time to voluntarily judge these awards.  We are so very proud of what we do that we want to shout about it from the roof tops.


7. We have a mixture of staff from all ages and all walks of life, some local, some new to the area, some with years and years of experience and some just starting out… but the one thing everybody has in common is a burning desire to be the best at what they do.  This involves a lot of tremendously hard work, long working days & nights, lots of knock-backs and disappointments and having the tenacity and determination to get back up and start again.  It is not an easy job being the middle man of one of the most stressful and frustrating times of the customer’s life, it takes a lot of confidence, courage and capability to be an estate or letting agent and make a successful career out of it.


8. We work hard but we also love to let our hair down so being part of these magnificent industry awards is great fun and a tremendous boost to our staff who work tirelessly in their pursuit of exceptional customer satisfaction.


9. We are totally transparent and have no qualms about being monitored or mystery shopped, we have absolutely nothing to hide, we are members of all the important professional bodies, we are constantly audited and we know that the safe-keeping of our clients money and their property is of paramount importance.


10. We ask our customers to constantly give us feedback on our service and all aspects of our business.  We are here to serve our clients and to serve them to the very best of our ability, sometimes we might err, but we won’t do it more than once, we learn by our mistakes and we listen to the wants and needs of our customers, all of the time.


Last Friday the Lettings Team attended The Lettings Agency of the Year (2013) Awards and proudly walked away with the following awards:-

1. Best Property Management Department UK (GOLD)

2. Best Property Manager – Reagan Bradley (GOLD)

3. Best Small Letting Agency (East of England) (GOLD)

4. Best Lettings Negotiator – Rochelle Latham (GOLD)

5. Best Lettings Negotiator – Ben Smith (SHORTLISTED)

6. Best Lettings Manager – Jon Jackson Bass (SHORTLISTED)

7. Best Small Letting Agency in the UK (GOLD)

8. Best Overall Winner of the Letting Agency of the Year Awards UK (GOLD)













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Rickmansworth Letting Agent Jane Gardner