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If you currently own a shared ownership property and are considering a move, here are some helpful ‘next steps’ on how to get your shared ownership property on the market. If you would like to talk through the process or have any further questions, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Contact your HA

Contact your housing association to let them know you're ready to sell your home and they will advise if they need first refusal on marketing your property (this is known as a nomination process), or if you can instruct an estate agent of your choosing to help you straight away. If they require first refusal, you will need to follow their process initially before instructing an agent.



Arrange a valuation. Your housing association can provide you with a list of approved surveyors who can carry out the valuation survey on your home. You will pay a fee for this survey which will determine the value of the property and your share in it in the current market conditions.


Send your valuation to your HA

Next you will need to send your valuation report to your housing association so they can provide you with a contract for you to sign agreeing the details of how your home will be sold.


Instruct an agent

When you are in a position to instruct an agent, that's where we can step in! We will organise the contract and all the marketing materials required to begin advertising your property. We should be able to get you on the market in just a couple of days.


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