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Top tips for preparing your home for photographs

As the market changes, buyers are becoming pickier and it is more important to make your house stand out better than the rest online. The best way to achieve this is through a combination of high quality professional photographs combined with a well presented house.

At Sewell & Gardner we have an in-house professional photographer, Martyn Drabik. Martyn has years of experience taking property photos and will ensure that he captures your home through the best angles and in the best light. It is however really important that if you want to get the best possible photos, that you make sure your home is tidy and ready to be photographed.

Martyn Drabik Head of Media Production

Martyn Drabik
Head of Media Production

Here are Martyn’s top tips for preparing a home for photographs-

  • Make sure children’s toys are cleared away. Ensuring that rooms are clear can make your home look more spacious in photos.
  • Tidy away any bathroom products which are on display, for example, shower gels and shampoo. Removing these from the side of the bath and putting them in cupboard will make the room look less messy.
  • Ensure all beds are well made- sounds like an obvious one doesn’t it?
  • Tidy away any laundry. A stray laundry basket can look messy in a photo and this can be easily avoided.
  • Move outdoor dust bins out of shot. Bins outside the front of the house can look unappealing in an external shot, which is likely to be the first photo of your home that people see online.
  • Clear away any pet related items if you can. For example, food bowls, litter trays and beds which can make a room look cluttered.
  • Hide away dressing gowns. These are often hanging on bedroom doors but the room will look better in a photograph if they are hidden away.

To see what a difference these tips can make, click below to watch our quick video guide to presenting your home for photos to see some before and after shots.

Presenting your home for sale video snip

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