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Croxley Green Property Market

Well, what can we say about Croxley Green and the market here? “Unbelievable”, “Constantly changing”, “Booming” and “How much?” are just a few expressions that come to mind.

Since we have opened our brand new office in Croxley it has gone from strength to strength. We have taken on 7 new instructions in just over 6 weeks of trading and out of these 7, 5 have gone Under Offer already with over half of them achieving above their asking prices.

We are finding that there are still plenty of buyers looking for the right property but more importantly at the right price. We have noticed an increase in agents taking properties on at over inflated figures just for them to reduce the price down within the first 4 weeks of marketing, but by then the property has become stale and they struggle to get people through the door. A great example of this is a property that was on the market with a Watford agent which was nearly 10% over priced. The owners knew that they had been misled by the agent and decided to withdraw the property from the market with them. They came into our new office and I had a nice chat with them and gave them a more realistic figure. We got the property on the market and within 2 weeks had secured a buyer. A happy vendor and happy purchaser.

There are many buyers coming in from London looking to purchase in this area and although they are willing to pay that bit more as Croxley is still cheaper than Central London, they are very aware of what is happening in the area and won’t be misled into thinking something is the right price when they know it is vastly overpriced.

Our philosophy is get the price right and we will get people through the door. The more people through the door the more chance you have of securing a buyer at a good price.

I really believe that with our extensive marketing that includes professional photography, video tours, four offices working for you and our new Croxley office we have more than any other agent in the area can offer.
If you are looking for advice or just want a chat about your property and what it may be worth then please don’t hesitate to contact me on 01923 777704.

Kevin Anderson Branch Manager

Kevin Anderson
Branch Manager