Get Financial

It is important to determine your budget and understand the costs involved in moving prior to starting your property search. We can help with this by putting you in touch with our expert Financial Advisors, Meridian Mortgages. They have access to the best rates and can offer expert advice. Whether you are looking for your first mortgage or re-mortgaging he can advise on borrowing and rates. They will take into account your personal circumstances in order to find the most suitable mortgage for you. Having your funding already in place when you find a property you wish to offer on will put you in a strong position.

Already seen a financial advisor?

You should always get a second opinion. Have you compared your deal to others available to ensure it is the most suitable option for you? Adrian has access to over 75 lenders and an extensive range of products from across the market. He can also offer exclusive deals which you may not receive from other Financial Advisors.

To get in touch with Krishan, please call 01923 776400 or email referencing Sewell & Gardner in the subject line.