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Elevate your property listing with the sophistication of drone photography

Harness the power of aerial imagery to present your home in the most compelling light. Here’s why integrating drone photography is a must on your property listing:

Better perspectives: Capture unparalleled aerial perspectives, providing potential buyers with a comprehensive view of your property’s layout, architectural nuances and parking.

Landscape mastery: Showcase the landscaping and outdoor spaces so potential buyers can see the size of the whole plot. Allow the greenery and outdoor amenities to take centre stage in a way that’s not possible with traditional photography.


Local connections: Demonstrate the proximity to local amenities, schools, and infrastructure and emphasise the advantages of the location. Proximity to schools and transport links are particularly of interest to buyers in this area so highlighting this visually on the listing can be really helpful.

Stand out online: Enhance the online presence of your listing. With drone photography, your property stands out on the property portals against other listings maximising interest.

At Sewell & Gardner we provide drone photography as part of our property marketing pack. Below are some examples of drone photos from recent listings. If you would like to find out more, please call 01923 776400 or email sgasales@sewellgardner.com and our team will be happy to help.