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What would you be if you weren’t an estate agent?

Looking at the rain out of the window often gets me delving into untapped parts of my mind and asking random questions.

I wondered what would I be if I wasn’t selling houses in Watford ?

The instant answer for me was an Ice Cream Man. You only have to work a few months of the year, you bring satisfaction to adults and children alike and there could be worse left overs to devour at the end of the summer !!

So I took this a step further and I asked everybody else at Sewell & Gardner the same question and the answers were unsurprisingly eclectic but similar in motivation.

Luckily there was only one budding footballer and a wannabe pop star so not too many fame hungry egos at the company. I won’t mention who!

Kirsty, our Rickmansworth Branch Manager said she would be a full time mum, Emma our Watford Administrator would be a make up artist, Ben our Watford property consultant would be a Policeman. He certainly has developed a knack of keeping the peace between buyers and sellers so far in his time with us.

Apparently there is a potential Astronaut in Emily O and in Sarah from New Homes there is an interior designer waiting to break out.

I will give you one guess who would be a Rugby coach?

Oh and there was a potential sex therapist amongst us but I will leave everyone to work out who that was as well!

What wasn’t surprising is that most of the alternative jobs or careers had some sort of link to offering a service and making people happy in a roundabout way or doing something that provided personal satisfaction.

This is why they work for Sewell & Gardner. Service levels are at a premium and the reason we do it (apart from get paid!) is because we do genuinely care which always puts us ahead of much of the competition. We also enjoy working here because we know we do our job well and with huge integrity at all times.

I like to be able to sleep at night and since working for Sewell & Gardner this is something I have achieved. Apart from when one or both of my daughters play the night owl!!

I suppose I would sleep even better with a belly full of ice cream every night!

Happy October!


Joe Rylett Watford Branch Manager

Joe Rylett
Watford Branch Manager