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Top tips for working from home

With many people (including our head office team) still working from home, we thought we would remind you of our top tips for being productive at home. We all know it can be more difficult to maintain motivation working from home but with so many months experience we have found what works for us.

Exercise– Try to exercise at least once a day. Even if it is just a little walk or a home work out. There are some great free ones on social media at the moment. If your not keen on walking or want to mix up your workouts, maybe try yoga? That is great for relaxing too in this stressful time. Some of our team have also taken this as an opportunity to get into running. Nike Run Club & Strava are both great apps for this- check them out.

Take breaks- Working on your own all day can be difficult, especially if you are used to a busy office like us. We have found that taking breaks helps us to remain productive and avoid procrastination.

Get your workspace right- We have found a tidy workplace helps us get in a good head space for the day. If you have the space to, set up your work place in a separate part of your home to where you relax after work. This will help you to separate work from your evenings & weekends. Make your work space comfortable and satisfying to work in. We are all about the house plants and getting the right view. Sitting looking at a blank wall all day can get pretty boring!

Music- Finding the right playlist is key! Many of our team like listening to music whilst they work and find it increases productivity. So put on your favourite mood-boasting playlist and get to work!

Food- We all love food so making a tasty lunch is something many of our team look forward to when working from home. The options are much greater than in the office! With many of us on a January health kick this is substantially healthier than our December lunches but we make sure we are stocked up on healthy snacks and a few treats of course.

Stay connected- When working from home it can feel like you are very distant from your colleagues who you usually spend so much time with at work. Make sure you have regular video calls and chats with them.

These are just a few things that work for our team. If you have any other good suggestions we would love to hear them! With WFH now the norm, let us know how you are finding it!