The Starlight Evening comes to Rickmansworth

Rickmansworth Starlight Evening

There has been so much debate over this event and now it is almost here I thought I would put the record as straight as I can….

Rickmansworth Chamber of Commerce (RCC)The Rickmansworth Chamber of Commerce traditionally organised a Victorian Evening at the end of November each year, originally designed to allow the shop-owners and businesses in the town open up late and encourage new custom into the town.  What actually happened is that the fun-fair came to town, pitched up along the High Street and obscured most of the businesses so that the object of the evening became somewhat defeated and a lot of the shop-owners became less interested in the event.

So, the new Rickmansworth Chamber of Commerce, under the guidance of Nina Hoskings and Martin Vintner-Jackson, spoke at length to all of the members of the RCC and re-vamped the event to give the shop owners and businesses the chance for maximum exposure by moving the fun-fair into Marks & Spencer’s car park at the end of town, and purchasing a run of attractive matching stalls for businesses to display & sell their wares all along the High Street.

To revamp and modernise the event and distinguish between the old (Victorian Night) and the new, the evening is now going to be called the “Starlight Evening” inspired by Douglas Adams‘ reference to the town of Rickmansworth in the first page of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

The aim is to encourage everyone to join in with the intergalactic theme, a fancy dress “Starlight Parade” will walk around the town to open the event, culminating in the winner of the “Celestial Extra Terrestrial Out of Space” themed fancy dress competition being crowned on stage.  This supersonic evening for all the family also features ‘The Rising Star Performance Stage’, ‘The Festive Winter Market’, ‘The Panto Grotto’ the fun fair and various other events including the launch of Cinnamon Square’s ‘Design a Christmas Cake Competition’.  Sewell & Gardner will be manning a stall outside the lettings office, next to the ‘Tea-cup’ and ‘Rocket’ fun-fair rides, and will be handing out balloons and tempting the customers to enter the ‘Guess how many sweets in the jar’ competition, amongst other things!

The large stage area, again purchased by the RCC, and manned by Heart FM, will open the evening at 6pm with the fantastic 100 strong Rock Choir singing a selection of pop, motown & gospel songs with a festive feel.


Rock Choir sing Rickmansworth

Rock Choir sing Rickmansworth

The stage is situated just outside our Sales Office, so make sure you pop in for refreshments if you are feeling a little chilly (hopefully not feeling a little wet…. we have asked for the rain to hold off for the evening!).  Nat West bank, behind the stage audience area, are holding a children’s tea party, the Fox & Hounds pub will be holding their ‘Little Fox Market’ and providing refreshments, not just the liquid kind!

Little Fox Market in Rickmansworth

The traditional children’s fun fair will provide lots of entertainment throughout the evening and is, this year, located in the car park at Marks & Spencer’s, the Punch & Judy show will also be running thoughout the event, and so I understand, there will be an original 50’s Diner providing fish dishes for those who don’t fancy the traditional burgers & sausages!


All in all this is a great evening for the residents and businesses of Rickmansworth.  The preparation and expense has ALL been down to the fantastic Rickmansworth Chamber of Commerce and a huge thank you should go to all of those involved, in particular Nina and Martin who have worked tirelessly to organise this event.

Jane Gardner, Lettings Director





Letting Angel

(or Letting Fairy for the night of 25th November only)