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The Oborn Story

Sewell & Gardner are asking for your help to raise funds for our dear client Mr Oborn.

Mr Oborn has been through more than most of us can bear which is explained briefly in this blog.

It all started in January 2011 when Sharon, Mr Oborn’s daughter, found a lump and was diagnosed with breast cancer. An operation was required quickly and thankfully the results were good and radiotherapy was used as treatment. Mr and Mrs Oborn were a great help to Sharon as she was going through treatments and when she later received a double hysterectomy. 2 operations in as many months was a lot to go through. We admire the strength and bravery Sharon showed throughout her battle with breast cancer. Tragically there was more sadness for the Oborn family last year as Sharon’s brother, Mark, suffered his wife Claire passing away very suddenly of the incredibly rare condition Acute Hypertensive Crisis caused by Phaechromocytoma. Claire wasn’t obviously ill and had no history of anything that would cause her sudden death. It came as a huge shock to Mark and the family and the consultant that looked after Claire in A&E said he hadn’t seen the condition before in his 19 years of working there. They also commented that with the condition such as Claire had it, the first symptoms that are displayed are when the body is going in to crisis and shutting down – no matter what we as a family had done, or no matter what the doctors had done there was nothing that would have prevented the acute hypertensive crisis that eventually caused Claire’s sudden death.

The Oborn Family

The Oborn Family (L-R) Robin, Mark, Jeannie and Sharon

Around the same time as Sharons diagnosis and Claire passing, Mr Oborns wife was sadly diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. Mr Oborn soon became a devoted carer for his wife as they had been married for 50 years not spending a day apart. Regrettably to add to all this sadness and not too long after his wife’s diagnoses, Mr Oborn had a tragic accident himself. He fell off the toilet. That doesn’t sound terrible at all, I hear you cry, but he suffered a spinal cord injury so bad that he is paralysed from the shoulders down with only limited movement in his left arm. Before his accident he was a very fit and active 70 something year old man. He spent his time volunteering on maintenance teams, ground maintenance teams, cooking for the elderly at a Day Centre, driving people to and from hospital and cooking for Meals on Wheels. Mr Oborn was in St Mary’s Hospital in London in the Major Trauma Ward for 6 weeks then transferred to Stoke Mandeville Spinal Injuries Unit in Buckinghamshire where he stayed until June 2015. In the meantime, his Jeannie as he called her was deteriorating rapidly with MND until it took over and she died 10th April 2015. The tragedy of not being with her in her last days is more than unbearable to think of.

Having been through so much, we would love to help Mr Oborn re-gain mobility by raising funds to buy him a mobility vehicle to allow him to see and visit those folk he helped before his accident. Thankfully Sharon is now clear of cancer and asks please, please help us to raise funds to help such a wonderful, giving man who doesn’t know how to receive, only give himself.

Please follow this link to visit out just giving crowd funding page to donate- https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/sewell-gardner

Thank you