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Sewell & Gardner are using the media to keep our customers abreast of important industry news, changes to legislation, trends for house buying / selling, renting & new builds not only in our local area but across the UK.

Alex Sewell and the Sewell & Gardner websiteWhen we re-branded in January 2011 it was imperative that our website was informative, inter-active and user-friendly.  We have a specialised property blog, where all members of our team, from our trainees & apprentices, through senior staff to directors, offer advice on many aspects of their jobs, hopefully in an easy-to-read format.

It is exceptionally important for us to hear your feedback, so PLEASE if you enjoy reading an article, if you agree OR disagree with points raised, or have any comments from a customer’s point of view, we urge you to write a little note at the bottom for us to see.

If you have the time, check through the archives, there are so many good features to help you if you are buying, selling or renting and if you have any suggestions for further reading, please contact us at info@sewellgardner.com or call us on 01923 721900.

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Here you will find all of our latest offers from all the local businesses who are joined up to our Reward Card and give our tenants discounts on so many products and services!  If you are currently looking to rent or buy a property in this area, remember, rent or buy through Sewell & Gardner and you will automatically receive a discount card, giving you £100s off local goods & services!  It really is a sensible choice, not only do you get to deal with a professional, regulated agency; get the best choice of property AND you get to join our exclusive REWARD CARD membership too.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this, as I said earlier, please give us some feedback so that we know we are doing a good job, or can improve upon it!

Jane Gardner, Lettings Director