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Lucy’s 3 differences between a corporate and an independent estate agents

So my journey at Sewell & Gardner has begun..…what can I say…

I have come from a large corporate estate agency in Central Watford, to a family run independent agency in Rickmansworth. There is quite a difference, in fact the difference is ‘quite’ astonishing! After just a couple of hours in my new surroundings I could tell that I had made the right move. Being in the hub of such a busy, proactive agency was, without doubt, exactly where I wanted to be! Here I have listed the main differences I have experienced so far in my short journey:

1. Complete Customer Care

The whole philosophy of Sewell & Gardner is to CARE about the customers. Each and every person who walks through our door is just as important as the next, whether they are tenant, landlord, buyer, seller, contractor, or even just someone wanting the free weekly newspaper! This is incredibly important but yet so often overlooked.

2. Personalised Training

My first couple of days where frantic, not only dealing with enquiry after enquiry amongst the office blur of names and faces, I had some pretty intense personal training.  I met individually with every senior employee within the company, they all explained about their individual roles within the organisation,  giving me a basic overview of their jobs and helped to show me exactly where the interaction takes place between one department and the next. Training is vital as I don’t just want to do the job well, I want to do it the Sewell & Gardner way. Next on my list is passing my ARLA exams and already I have the tools and guidance to make it happen quickly.

3. Shared Vision

Everybody shares the company vision and is heading in the same direction so it was important that I knew the plan too! The passion and enthusiasm is immensely noticeable in this company and I already feel like it is my home and the place to make my dreams come true. In what feels like a previous life I qualified and worked as a hairdresser, being taught that customer satisfaction is key to the business. Here at Sewell & Gardner I have learned it is more than that, it is about wow moments, and making every minute of the day count.  I love building friendships with people and to be able to showcase my personality and totally be myself without restriction is something that feels great. I learnt a lot in my few years at the corporate agency, but I wish I had made this amazing move to Rickmansworth High Street, working for Sewell & Gardner a long , long time ago.

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Loving my new role

Lucy Attwood

Lettings Negotiator