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How can using Skype help to sell a house?

Those of you that follow our updates, via email, newsletter, Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc, will notice that I am not the most frequent of contributors.  If truth be told, I am a bit of a technophobe and am not always sure that it is all worth it, Jane will of course tell me differently and of course she is right.

Every now and then, I finally get around to using something that everyone has been going on about for ages and realise that new technology really is great.  This morning, I needed to speak to one of our vendors about an important matter to do with his property, but he is holidaying in Australia. I had proposed a telephone call this morning, to which he responded why don’t we just have a Skype call, we can see each other and it’s free?

So, my first Skype call took place this morning and you know what it was FREE and REALLY GOOD, we could both see each other and it made the call really easy and we sorted out the issues we needed to discuss.

Rickmansworth connecting with Australia

So there you have it, I made my first Skype call and technology is really good (sometimes!) although I admit seeing my face on screen first thing in the morning might not be something many vendors wish to experience.

For the more tech-savvy we are still continuing with virtual viewings via google+ hangouts.  We have just completed a launch video for our new site Gilliat Row, Rickmansworth.  If you were unable to attend the launch weekend and would like to book a private hangout with a member of the Sewell & Gardner team please contact the Operations Department on 01923 721916.  Not only will you be able to watch the virtual viewing, you can also interact with a member of the S&G team, allowing you to ask any questions you may have about the property.

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Alex Sewell

Managing Director

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