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Can I compare Sewell & Gardner to Virgin, dare I?


Is a brand that is known the world over; everyone knows who Virgin are and what they do and most importantly of all, any mention of the word draws very little criticism, if any, from anyone…………………….

In fact, the main reaction to Sir Richard Branson’s sprawling Business empire is one of QUALITY & TRUST.


Sir Richard Branson is one of the wealthiest men on the planet and a self-confessed adrenaline junkie & occasionally shameless exhibitionist, but it is easy to forget that he has had to sing for his supper to get to where he is today, taking massive gambles and risks, both personally and professionally, in order to establish the positive persona and perception that Virgin enjoys today.

In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, he conceived Virgin Records, seeing an obvious niche in the swinging, stomping music scene of the time; in the 1980’s, despite the Goliath type presence of British Airways, whose then formidable Chairman, Lord King enjoyed a direct line-type relationship with another Colossus, the then Prime Minister of the day, one Margaret Thatcher, he ventured into aviation, where many a speculator had failed to, (if you pardon the pun), take off (e.g. Freddie Laker of Laker Airways). In the naughties, Virgin rescued specific sections of the ailing rail industry and right now, he is offering a direct alternative to SKY, bringing onside the ‘Lightening Bolt” to grow his digital/satellite business. And Space Travel beckons in the next few years, talk about reach for the stars!!!!

The common denominator you can derive from the above is that he sees a gap in markets, often markets that are under the spell, the stranglehold of a business that is dominating it, monopolising it and then, like any new broom looking to sweep clean, puts something different in front of the consumer.

Branson is the archetypal practitioner of the old adage, “BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME”. Whether it be ‘Trains, Planes or Automobiles’, Virgin always deliver on service and quality and therefore, value for money. From the minute you walk in to the part of the Terminal dedicated to Virgin Atlantic, with it’s soothing strobe lighting and delightful, roving staff happy to assist and direct you, to the minute you step off the plane, you always feel they are there for you and you alone. Virgin are not the cheapest, but, let me tell you, when was cheapest ever best…………………?



You may think that I am being ludicrously arrogant and stupid to suggest that a small local estate agency could have anything in common with Branson’s conglomerate; but Alex Sewell and Jane Gardner, with the help of some loyal and long standing staff, have the passion, vision, drive and determination to take risks, batten down the hatches during tough times, invest in staff and premises during down time and they have grown the business from small beginnings in 2002, through an almighty recession, from one office in Rickmansworth to a 2nd satellite office in Chorleywood in 2005, then to 2 separate sales & lettings offices in Rickmansworth in 2007 and with more to come in 2014.

What continues to drive them on in the local world of Estate Agency is the aspiration to deliver service, quality and total customer satisfaction, with the end result being VALUE FOR MONEY. Yes, Sewell & Gardner will not offer you the lowest sales or lettings fees, but will always deliver you the best service, the best customer experience, the best VALUE FOR MONEY that you can find anywhere in Estate Agency in Hertfordshire and South Buckinghamshire. Not just in my opinion, but in the opinion of our customers, past and present, who are happy with Sewell & Gardner, that they constantly tell us, recommend us and mainly because they keep coming back time & again.

Like I said earlier, “BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME”.

Oh, wait a second, before I sign-off, there will admittedly always be one big difference between Virgin and Sewell & Gardner…………………….

Reach for the Stars

With Sir Richard, the Cosmos is the limit, whereas for Alex and Jane, the sky suits them just fine!


Mark Tibbles, Senior Sales Negotiator

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