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As we head into the festive season I find myself reflecting on 2017.  Being a mum of a 2 and a half year old and working full time, those 5.30am wake up calls, extensive travel between home/nursery/the office and working tirelessly on building a successful department has meant that my year has flown by in a blink of an eye.

Work has been a huge challenge this year, I feel lucky to have such a supportive Director who not only believes in my vision for the department but supports my decision making. I knew when I took on the role as Land Manager I wanted to approach things differently, with a background in conveyancing and little sales experience I felt apprehensive but being intensively ambitious I knew failing wasn’t an option.

People tend to have this preconception of how ‘agents’ work, this is something I wanted to get right from the outset. Social Media gives the impression we trade in a larger market than we actually do; building a good reputation doesn’t go amiss in this industry. Working in an honest manner with knowledge to back it up has been a testament to the department’s success to date.

With numerous land sites submitted into the Three Rivers ‘Call for sites’, all standing a strong possibility of being released. Various option deals agreed and fresh sites on the board in readiness for the New Year, I’m feeling confident. The team is growing from strength to strength and with seamless systems and processes in place we don’t see things slowing down. Our New Homes Department have over 160 + units in the pipeline and they continue to win business with their extensive knowledge and expertises in this in sector.

I have met some remarkable people this year and I feel extremely grateful to those who have spent time and shared knowledge with me. My inquisitive mind is always keen to learn and whether it has been with Planning consultants, Architects, House Builders or other Agents I am very grateful, thank you.

To relationships old and new I wish you a very happy and successful 2018!


Land Manager

Sammy Cropped