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Time to Move to Watford?

Firstly, I have to admit to having a personal bias on this blog, but I think the facts outweigh the bias!


Having moved to Watford in 2013 I have to say I have loved it.  Over the last 20 years I have lived in Leeds, Chorleywood, Rickmansworth, Croxley Green and Watford, so have a good idea about what our local area can offer.  Each area has it’s plus points and it is the nature of cognitive dissonance for you to positively extol the area that you live in, but since the recent article on this is money http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-2971772/Home-Herts-Watford-line-big-changes-add-value-bargain-house-prices.html was picked up by the daily mail and made its way around a million facebook posts our enquiry levels in our Watford office have gone through the roof.


It really is easy to see why though, just last week I was talking to a friend who I went to school with (in Watford) who is now living in Singapore and looking for an investment property in the UK.  Having been to school in Waford over 20 years ago, he remembers it as it was and when I suggested he looked there he laughed and said no thanks.  This happens time and again when I talk to investors popping into our Rickmansworth and Chorleywood offices, but when you look at the facts it’s hard to resist.  Over the next 10 years there could be as much a billion pounds of investment into Watford.  For sure we will get the Croxley Rail Link http://www.croxleyraillink.com/ due for completion 2 years after construction starts, the intu Watford refurbishment http://intu.co.uk/watford/events/the-intu-watford-redevelopment, the Watford Health Campus http://www.watfordhealthcampus.info/the-project/masterplan and an upgrade of the already hugely popular Cassiobury Park http://www.watford.gov.uk/ccm/content/strategic-services/press-releases/2014-07/cassiobury-park-secures-45million-of-lottery-funding-for-major-restoration.en;jsessionid=1B0FEBD66EBA38D29CD50EBC9954B36C.  And this doesn’t even take into consideration that Watford are now in the Premiership as well!


The thing is, the secret is out!  Prices are starting to go through the roof for the best property, so you really do need to get the best advice if you are thinking of selling or buying for investment.   This week, I was over the moon to revieve a testimonial from a very happy client.  She took the time and trouble to write the following hand written note about the service she received from our Watford office.



Parkfield Avenue Watford testimonial

Many agencies will trade for 20 years and not receive such a glowing response from a customer so I must admit to a certain amount of pride in the team.  If you are looking to sell, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01923 252505, I am positive you will not be disappointed in the service received.

So, yes, I am biased, but I made a great decision to buy in Watford 2 years ago and hopefully an even better decision to open our 3rd office here less than 6 months ago.  Given the response to date, I am hoping both will prove to be wise decisions.


Regards, Alex.