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What does the Metropolitan line extension mean for Watford?

Everybody within our industry has mentioned the Metropolitan line extension (formerly the Croxley rail link) countless times in the last couple of years and I would not be surprised if it comes up in conversation in our office or out on an appointment every day. For the last 3 years Sewell & Gardner have been selling houses in prime spots that will be affected by the new train stations and have explained the positive impact it will have on property prices.

Examples of these hot spots include properties near Vicarage Road and the far end of Whippendell Road. Homes in these locations have proved attractive propositions for buyers who believe that prices will increase even further on the back of the already surging property values seen over the last few years.

So what does the Metropolitan line extension actually bring to our area in terms of positive impact? After reading many articles and reports around the subject I can summarise the main points that I agree with-

  1. First of all I think it will continue to help Hertfordshire grow and in particular grow and sustain Watford’s economy. The main priority for the Metropolitan line extension is to tackle the lack of access around the town and help ease congestion. I can see this happening. Having lived in the town all my life traffic has always been a challenge and the roads are busy at most times. With the provision of a new direct metro service between the city of London, Central London and West and Central Watford more people will turn to the trains as their choice of transport which will help ease the gridlock and congestion.
  2. I can see accessibility improving immensely with time being saved which is currently being spent walking between Watford Town Centre, the Health Campus and other developments to the south west of the town. This will also benefit those who currently walk to these locations from the current Met line station. Peoples journey times will clearly be shortened.
  3. I can see the Metropolitan line extension attracting more business and investment which can only be beneficial to everyone living in the area. Improving access and transport, like we say, can only support economic activity.

Generally I can see the Metropolitan line extension having a huge impact for the area. The development outlined for the area in terms of housing and employment will be fast tracked once the Metropolitan line extension is in place. I for one can’t wait as I see the town connections improving and congestion and parking issues easing. And at the end of the day if more investment comes into the town and more homes are built, that is what pays my bills as well! It’s still a few years off but once completed it will make Watford an even better town on top of the huge improvement programme which is currently in progress.

Joe Rylett Watford Branch Manager

Joe Rylett
Watford Branch Manager